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LimpidArmor system enables 360-degree battle environment delivery to the vehicle staff that dramatically improves the efficiency of the military equipment.
The system improves the vehicle control through optimized information management, increases battlefield awareness and automates processes with the help of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, a collection of analytics and interactive prompts.
$ 200.000
$ 1.000.000
Платформа для сервисов
bNesis -  is the platform for rapid integration any app with multiple services through unified API
bNesis is a Unified API service that reduces the complexity of integration with multiple clouds, social, payment, analytics and other services into mobile apps. Therefore, bNesis provides huge time and money savings opportunities for software companies, at the same time making them more competitive and attractive.
$ 75.000
$ 75.000
Pibox Music
We're making service that helps music producers and engineers organize their work with clients and other participants of audio production (musicians, producers etc.). We're giving them a place where they gather all the feedback about the mix. Producers also keep all the versions in a studio quality and all the communications with different clients in one place. We're selling them subscription which includes cloud and members quota, so they get the all-in-one solution to start working in one place.
$ 50.000
$ 150.000


Расфасовки и упаковки
Установка предназначена для расфасовки и упаковки пищевых и непищевых легкосыпучих некомкующихся и не склонных к залипанию продуктов (крупы, сахар, драже, макаронные изделия длиной не более 65 мм и т.п.) в полимерную либо многослойную пленку в полуавтоматическом  режиме.
Установка комплектуется одним электронным весовым насыпающим устройством.
с рабочей площадью здания 100 M2
$ 7.500
Розумний укр (The Smart Ukrainian)
Marketplace, the meeting place for providers and customers. Your personal sales manager.
$ 50.000
Service for effective advertising campaigns
We help brands broadcast their branded content thought people who are not celebrities but their recommendation matter!
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter are have started to replace traditional TV and Radio advertising. As millennials, we use social media every minute - to share our thoughts, emotions and begin to communicate . We believe that everyone has influence and when we combine social media with the potential of word-of-mouth marketing , we are convinced that we can help every brand connect with the right influencers. In this moment of synergy, it's a win-win situation for everyone. Right now 79% of marketers have a huge problem to find right people and influencers across social media and across the globe and we are helping them with all questions.
Marketers and brands spend a lot of time searching influencers, agreeing the price, the brief and the task of a campaign, making pre-payment, post-payment and building analytics of such a campaign. And there are always risks: influencers could take the money and disappear or the post wouldn’t be posted on time, the same risks influencers have on brands. If a brand wants to work with one influencer that's ok, but the average campaign consists of 10-15 influencers which take a lot of time and headache!
$ 200.000


Сollaboration system
Distributed, decentralized cross-platform solution for collaborative environments and working groups.
Working groups collaboration tool.
Flexible plugin-based services for distributed computation (any business sector which requires communication between people - engineering, IT dev teams, research etc)
P2P architecture
per annum
$ 200.000
Строительство жилых домов
We are searching for investors both for constant or part cooperation.
Currently Ukraine is a market with a tremendous potential.
The last year trend shows that the Ukrainian citizens are perfectly adopted to the unstable economic situation and we are witnesses to a real growth of the interest to the development objects.
We are searching for investors both for constant or part cooperation.
For the fulfillment of few development objects in the charge of the leading architecture with a 10-year professional experience and with a young ambitious team.
The first start project for the construction has been already selected. It is a small cozy building complex, which consists of nine two-level blocks of wooden houses of a 900m2general area.
The building complex is planned to be located in Vyshgorod region of Kyiv district (Ukraine), at the spectacular place between stream canals of Desna and Dnipro rivers.
The uniqueness of this project for Ukraine is a complex usage of alternative energy sources for all block houses, which will give the opportunity to refer them to so called “passive”, and allow the potential habitants to minimize exportation expenditures during the whole life cycle of the complex.
All necessary engineer communications are located at the separate technical block.
Simultaneously the service organization is to be established. It will support comfort life conditions at the complex, its settlements improvement and will systemically accomplish the works on the building renovation.
We are involving investors for business cooperation, as well as for the further occupancy.
Investment can be realized by the one person or lengthwise.
The results of the pre-analysis of the before investment phase are as follows:
1. Necessary investment sum – 7,4 mln. hrn. ($296,000).
2. The investment project cycle – 7 months.
3. The average operating ratio – 23%.
4. The pay back period – 13-15 months.
5. The amount of gradual tranches – 3 (three)
5.1. First – agreements execution, preparation of the project decisions, receiving the admittance for the construction – 1 month. Investment sum – 0,9 mln. hrn. ($36,000).
5.2. Second – the first construction turn, 5 buildings – 3 months. Investment sum – 3,6 mln. hrn. ($144,000).
5.3. Third – the second construction turn, 4 buildings, territory improvement – 3 months. Investment sum – 2,9 mln. hrn. ($116,000).
per annum
$ 50.000
FastFood with unusual delivery
Bringing fast food to a new level.

Theme-future, space
Subject items - dry ice (a vase with a rare flower + dry ice)
Smoke Generators
A small shop near the ticket office
Kitchen like in Subway
Interesting dishes
per annum
$ 3.000


Service of the author's Digital content
$ 300,000
A set of tools for mobile audiences
$ 150,000
Express delivery service on electric bicycles for 1 hour
$ 40,000



About us

Alexander Soroka
Founder & CEO
Julia Smila
Event manager

Vyacheslav Podlesniy
Head of Credit Department
Evgeniy Zhygliy
Head of IT Department
Alexey Zhabsky
Partner Network Coordinator


Daniil Tonkopiy

Founder & CEO, Delfast


I always recommend the Startup Network platform. It really helps to run your project with minimal investment, no matter if you have a small business or a business aimed at conquering the global market. There’s enough of money for everyone! :)

Roman Belkin

CEO, Cardiomo


Startup.Network is an excellent tool for attracting investments. I recommend this platform to all young entrepreneurs. For example, I posted my project here and scored some positive results!

Andrey Bulavinov

CEO, Mymobstr


Startup.Network is a very important milestone for our startup. You can even say - a turning point. Young projects simply need a service that helps build confidence in their idea, polishes it and brings it to the users.


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What is Startup.Network?

Startup.Network - it is an investment platform, where entrepreneurs that like to realize their startup, find private investors (business angels), seed fundings, venture funds and other investors, that offer investments to private companies.

We started our work in November 2010, then the site was opened and the first open meeting of private investors and entrepreneurs of Ukraine was held. Today the members of Startup.Network are hundreds of potential investors, and in our database there are more than 9000 investment projects.

Startup.Network mission

Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs to find investments in the early stages of their projects development, and also provide an opportunity to investors who want to invest in startups, get a wide range of projects from different sectors of the economy.

Our events

In order to select the most interesting and investment attractive startups, we are conducting the Battle of Startups.

Every startup has 3 minutes for pitch at the event. Startup Battle judges are the highly qualified experts from different spheres of business, as well as guests of the event, including owners and top managers of leading Ukrainian companies.

Startup Battle Winners will have an opportunity to present their projects to business angels, venture funds representatives and investment banks from the Final Startup Battle, that is conducted twice a year - in autumn and spring.

Opportunity for entrepreneurs

Startup.Network helps young and experienced entrepreneurs to find funds for investment project and existing businesses.

Entrepreneur’s work with Startup.Network to find investments, begins with filling out the application for an investment search. All applications are published daily on the site in the database of investment projects.

With the help of Startup.Network you can also profitably sell your business, quickly and competently create a business plan or other documentation that is necessary when communicating with a potential investor.

Opportunity for investors

If You are looking for opportunities to multiply your capital by investing in new companies, Startup.Network team will choose for You more perspective and invest appealing projects. Send us an application for project search, and our manager will contact You shortly, in order to pick the best opportunities for investment out of existing.

If You would like to invest from 100 000 USD and divide these funds among several companies, Startup.Network will help You to form a personal investment portfolio, in which  mostly there will be ukrainian projects at the stage of “product is ready” or “sales are started”.To find out more details on this possibility, send us an application for a personal selection of projects, and we will contact You to clarify all the details.

If you want to independently choose projects for investment, use our database of investment projects. Here you can choose companies by several criterias at the same time, as well as request additional information on the projects that you are most interested in.

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