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Production of macarons desserts

Ukraine, Kiev region
Market: Food industry, Production
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 20.03.2023
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Factory of chilled/frozen desserts Macarons. Productivity 3240 - 6480 pcs/month

Current Status

1. To register trademarks, licenses, patents, utility models, specifications, technologies, and the like, Reibes LLC (code 43573296) was opened. Raibes LLC plans to grant trade licenses (Franchising) in the future, after the product has matured on the market. OOO Raibes is not operating. The technological base is being accumulated.
2. Registered trademark Ribes - Trademark Certificate #321107, June 22, 2022p
3. Registered TU U 10.7-43573296-001: 2020.
4. Developed 60 recipes and labels for gift and retail packages.
5. Developed a line of packaging design.
6. Developed social media website design/planogram, and are implementing activities regarding its connectivity
7. For the start of the module XXXS planned to open FLP on 2 group (kved 10.71/10.72, staff 2chol.)
8. Partially implemented the purchase of packaging / raw materials / equipment for the start of production of Macarons Mango Chili Lime.
9. Prepared photo content for social networks and the web.
10. Purchased the first type of packaging and partially raw materials


Women/Men from 18 to 39p-46p, with high social activity, middle+ class, business class, interests (gifts, gift boutique, online shopping, confectionery, desserts, cakes, gift baskets, shopping, birthdays, restaurant, confectionery, holidays, sassy and beautiful, high fashion, fashion show, natural foods, Gift wrapping, chocolate, foof&wine, bakery, love stories)

Kharkov - projected audience size 310,600, projected market capacity (310,600*0.0036*1=1116 purchases/month). Coefficient of usage rate - 0,0036, was calculated from previous experiments and the number of quality requests on Google

Dnipro: projected size of the audience: 470,000 and projected capacity of the market: 470,000*0.0033*1=1551 purchases/month. The coefficient of usage rate is 0,0033, it was calculated according to the previous experience and the number of quality queries in Google

Kiev - the projected size of the audience of 1,900,000 and the projected capacity of the market (1,900,000*0.0039*1=7,410 purchases/month). Coefficient of usage rate - 0,0039, was calculated according to the previous experience and the number of quality queries in Google

Odessa - projected audience size 1,400,000, projected market capacity (1,400,000*0.0026*1=3,640 purchases/month).

Lviv - projected audience size 640,000, projected market capacity (640,000*0.0031*1=1984 purchases/month).

Problem or Opportunity

Packaging - the market lacks individual, functional and presentable packaging for pasta, in general the usual kraft and coated packaging is used, unbalancing the product itself and reducing its real potential. Usual and not presentable packaging is used. There is also a lack of individuality of the product itself, there are no sets with flowers/toys/alcohol, etc.

Informativeness - Ukrainian dessert market is not represented by informativeness and quality of information on packages of composition, vitamins, minerals, allergens, kJ, kcal, storage rules and actions with dessert when ordering/receiving and consuming.

Lack of quality category - on Ukrainian market there is no quality category of desserts in online retail This category is not developed and represented very narrowly (private confectioneries and home baking manufacturers that are represented only locally, which is very narrowing the potential)

Assortment - on the market of Ukraine there is a very narrow and usual assortment of macarons, which does not cause additional emotions. Taste properties and combination of flavors are common. The assortment has no more than 6-18 positions.

Quality - there are very few quality manufacturers on the market, the quality of pasta is low.

Price - a high price for low weight and low quality macarons, due to the lack of an optimized production base

Convenience/Speed - in online retail there is no optimized dessert checkout/order/payment form, that is, to get the desserts, you need to order them in advance, this makes the order/receipt path long and not convenient

Solution (product or service)

Packaging - we offer presentable and conceptual packaging, which is individual for each type of macarons and functional, which allows to present the product in the most advantageous way. Also we offer modular, conceptual sets with the addition of alcohol/flowers/toys, etc. This category is free on Ukrainian market.

Informative - we put the most convenient information on each individual pack of the rules of consumption/storage, kJ, kcal, allergens, useful minerals and vitamins.

Lack of quality category - we are the first on the market to understand how to present this category logistically correctly in online retail, due to our modular production and modular packaging, and due to our many years of experience (23 years)

The product range - we offer a range of more than 60 pasta products, which are available in a wide variety of combo packs. The flavors and flavor combinations are authentic, conceptual and historic. We also offer a large selection of packaging.

Quality - we produce quality macarons fr om high quality raw materials, using the technology of the best French/Italian/Spanish authentic manufacturers, wh ere we have been trained.

Price - we offer affordable price, high quality through optimized and modular production.

Convenience/Speed - we offer fast checkout/order/pay for desserts in any state and fast delivery due to optimized technology and plugins on the website. Also, our order form can order desserts for any event in advance. For example, in summer you can order desserts for the New Year with delivery to different addresses, so you don't have to worry about different holidays.


cupcake ua
flora od

Advantages or differentiators

1. Quality - high-quality raw materials from European and Ukrainian producers are used for production
2. authenticity - form, taste, concept, presentation
3. Functionality - convenient and individual sets of packages for any event.
4. Attractive design - bright and conceptual design
5. Affordability - affordable price due to modular production, allowing to compete with the advantage.
6. Modularity - dessert sets are combined with flowers, wine, toys and accessories to optimize gift sets.
7. Practicality - conceptual sets for any occasion
8. Convenience - convenient design of the sets and fast ordering on the website, just in two clicks
9. Responsibility at every stage of production/realization


Main sources of income - proceeds from the sale of macarons desserts (online/offline retail)
The project is designed for 12 quarters Production/sales of 116,640 macarons.

Profit in the 1st quarter - 291 600 UAH, expenses 398 301 UAH
Q2 income - 291 600 UAH, costs 146 360 UAH
Q3 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q4 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q5 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q6 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q7 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q8 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q9 income - 583 200 UAN, costs 292 723 UAN
Q10 income - 777 600 UAN, costs 390 296 UAN
Q11 income - 777 600 UAN, costs 390 296 UAN
Q12 income - 777 600 UAN, costs 390 296 UAN

Total expected income 6 998 400 UAH, total costs 3 764 610 UAH.
Under the total costs are understood (purchase of equipment, food s / s, utilities, packaging, wages, advertising, rent, taxes, content, buh.servis, etc.) More detailed information in the table, which is ready to provide on request.

Business model

Ribes - Modular factory for the production and sale of quick frozen, refrigerated, natural, conceptual and high quality tasting macarons desserts. Desserts in the Top Food category.

Modules are divided into production and sales by classification XXXS/XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL (have their own designation due to production volume and sales space), for example:
XXXS - production volume of 3,240 macarons per month
XXS - 6,480
XS - 12 960
S - 25 920
M - 51 840
L - 103 680
XL - 207 360
XXL - 414 720
XXXL - 829 440

A distinctive feature of the dessert is the large amount of berry, vegetable and fruit 100% puree, nuts, natural cream, mascarpone, dorblue and chocolate.

The dessert is popular all over the world. The form of the dessert is convenient, transportable and attractive, it has a gathered image, convenient for tasting and long-term storage without loss of quality.
The packaging is logistically convenient and designed for modular storage and release to the end consumer. The format of the package has a conceptual and collective image in the design, the storyline is filled with colorful and natural desserts.

The technology allows you to freeze the dessert for long shelf life with a loss of moisture of not more than 2-3%. After gradual thawing, the dessert flavor remains unchanged and fresh.

Sales channels - online retail (website, social networks, marketplaces) 80%, offline retail (own outlets) 20%

Money will be spent on

Equipment - 251941 UAH (purchase of additional equipment)
2. Raw materials - 246207 UAN (Initial raw materials for the preparation of the first 3240 sets in the first 2 quarters)
Electricity - 7529 UAN (payment for electricity for the first 2 quarters, or the expense for the preparation of the first 3240 sets)
3. Water/drainage - 4362 UAN (payment for the first 2 quarters, or consumption for the preparation of the first 3240 sets)
4. Utilities - 5843 UAN (payment for the first 2 quarters, or consumption for the preparation of the first 3240 sets)
5. Other expenses - 3917 UAN (payment for the first 2 quarters, or the expense for the preparation of the first 3240 sets)
6. Salary fund - 58320 UAN (Expenses for the preparation of the first 1620 sets, or the expense of the first quarter)
7. Packing - 252224 UAN (Expenses for the first 4000 packs)
8. Advertising - 35640грн (Expenses for advertising for sale of the first 3240 sets, or for the first 2 quarters)
9. Content - 7776 UAN(Expenses for presentation of the first 3240 sets)
10.Sub rent - 47984 UAH (Expenses during first 2 quarters)
Accountant - 10800 UAN (Expenses for accountant services during first 2 quarters) 12.
Taxes - 16784 UAN (Expenses for taxes for the first 2 quarters)
13. TI - 1801UAN (Expenses for TI for the first 3240 sets)
14. Domain/Hosting - 16488 UAN (Expenses for the first 4 quarters)
15. Bank commission, legal offer of contracts, delivery etc. - 32384 UAN

Offer for investor

Offer to investor - 30-35% per annum
Contract to choose from:

1. Contract of investment. The result of investment activities remains with the recipient of the investment, and the investor acquires the rights of the investor to receive income from the profits (dividends) of the project.

2. Commission contract. Investor transfers money, at the expense of which the object of investment acquires the necessary property or equipment, which is then transferred to the object of investment for use (lease) for a fee and a certain period.

3. Property management contract. The investor transfers cash or property to the object of investment for management for a certain period of time for the purpose of earning income.

4. Sale and Purchase Agreement - investor buys necessary property and equipment from investment object at own expense, which then is transferred by investor to investment object for use (rent) for payment and certain period.

5. Joint Activity Agreement - without creating a legal entity (simple partnership agreement) under which an investor undertakes to act jointly, combining efforts and own funds (property). In this case, the object of investment is the key (managing) participant of such joint activity


The only weighty risk, the expansion of hostilities throughout the state and the disconnection of the Internet. There are no other risks, because the product is modular, popular, and logistically convenient, which allows it to be produced and sold in any city through social networks and online retail. It is not tied to location.


TU 10.7 - 43573296 - 001:2020 (state technology registration)
TM Ribes # 321107
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