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Innovative Gamified Mobile Platform GO-Dream for Boosting Sales and Connecting Businesses with Consumers.
Win-Win Solution for Business and Consumers.

Текущее состояние

Establishment: Recently established in November 2023, with operations just commencing.
Founders: The company is founded by two individuals with over 20 years of experience as founders and directors in marketing, corporate business, and customer work, along with entrepreneurial experience that will contribute to the successful development of our business.
Operational Team: An accountant and a lawyer are already in place for operational activities.
Partnerships: Contracts have been signed with an IT partner with a team of IT specialists and a digital marketing agency to implement the project.
Key Achievements:
Legal Formation: Registered the legal entity LLC
Research and Analysis:
• Conducted market research on gamification and mobile games
• Studied best practices of gamification in various spheres
• Analyzed potential competitors, both direct and indirect
• Identified the target audience and their needs
Team: Signed a partnership with an IT company and formed a team of developers and designers
• Created a landing page for partners
• Developed a GAMIFIED PLATFORM PROTOTYPE for presentation and testing
• Defined key features and functionalities of the platform
• Finalizing the development of the platform website
• In the application, the App development - interface and basic functionality, Admin panel, Server configuration, and Architecture have already been developed
Trademark: Submitted documents for trademark registration
Web: Purchased domain and hosting, mail server
Testing and Iteration.
Grant: Won the state grant "Own Business"


Our Platform are designed to address the needs of both Businesses (Ukrainian, international companies and brands) and Consumers.

Consumers: Our target audience of individual users for our gaming application exceeds 3.2 million people in Ukraine.
Age: 18-65 years old.
Income Level: Lower-middle, middle, and upper-middle income.
Lifestyle: Active and consumption-oriented.

Our platform benefits various businesses by enabling manufacturers to promote products, distributors to expand chains, retailers to boost sales and engage customers, service providers to attract clients, and retail chains to raise brand awareness and foot traffic.
According to the Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, budgets for correspondent marketing activities in 2023 to stimulate sales is approx. 41 million euro.

Проблема или Возможность

Bridging the Gap: A Gamified Lifestyle App for the Ukrainian Market

The Challenge: Traditional marketing struggles to capture the attention of Ukrainian consumers bombarded with advertising. Businesses need innovative solutions to connect directly with their target audience in a fun and engaging way.

The Opportunity: Ukraine presents a unique opportunity for a mobile gamified lifestyle app. With widespread mobile device usage and the growing popularity of gamification, there's a strong demand for solutions that effectively reach and engage consumers.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

The Solution: A Gamified Lifestyle App
This app goes beyond a platform; it's a one-stop shop for managing daily life, discovering events, interacting with friends, earning rewards by combining gamification elements with loyalty program features.
Benefits for Businesses:
• Gamification enhances customer engagement by making routine tasks more enjoyable, fostering brand loyalty and increasing user interaction.
• Establishing direct communication channels with potential customers enables targeted marketing campaigns and personalized interactions, facilitating direct consumer connection.
Benefits for Consumers:
• Gamified experiences make daily tasks enjoyable and rewarding, offering opportunities to earn rewards, save money, and unlock exclusive benefits.
• Simplifying loyalty programs by consolidating access to deals and promotions within a single app enhances user experience and maximizes the value of rewards.
Addressing Consumer Challenges the app caters to specific challenges faced by Ukrainian consumers:
• Providing opportunities to save money and earn extra income, it addresses reduced purchasing power.
• By offering practical applications of gamification in daily life, it maximizes the potential of limited gamified applications.
Conclusion: A gamified lifestyle app, tailored to the Ukrainian market, has the potential to revolutionize how businesses connect with consumers. By fostering deeper engagement, driving sales, and enhancing brand loyalty, this innovative solution can create a more connected and thriving Ukrainian market.


Our Unique Value Proposition: A Platform for Brands and Consumers
Our gamified loyalty mobile app stands out in the market with its unique features and approach.
No Direct Competitors: We have no direct rivals offering a similar combination of gamified experiences, consolidated loyalty programs, and a focus on both businesses and consumers.
In conclusion, our gamified loyalty mobile app stands out as a unique and compelling solution for both businesses and consumers. By combining innovation, engagement, and a focus on user experience, we are poised to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers in the Ukrainian market.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

Elevating Gamification to New Heights: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Our gamified loyalty mobile app takes gamification to a whole new level, seamlessly blending elements from both the online and offline worlds to create an immersive and engaging experience for users.

• Leveraging Spatial Games and Unity 3D.
• Seamless Online and Offline Integration.
• A Platform for Businesses of All Sizes.
• Continuous Innovation and Engagement.
• Expanding the Consumer Base.
• Constant Innovation.
• Diverse and Engaging Content.
• Unified Loyalty Hub.
• Direct Brand Connection.

Our gamified loyalty mobile app stands out as a revolutionary platform that elevates gamification to new heights. By combining cutting-edge technology, seamless online-offline integration, and a commitment to innovation, we empower businesses to engage their target audience, expand their customer base, and drive business growth. Our platform is not just a loyalty program; it's a gateway to a world of engaging experiences, rewards, and brand discovery


We have a flexible approach to monetization, utilizing a combination of up to 5 core models (details to be shared during discussions). This ensures we can tailor our approach to best suit the specific needs of both user groups and the platform itself.


To cater to our two distinct user groups, we've adopted a well-established canvas model commonly used by successful platform businesses like Airbnb, SoundCloud, and Uber. This model prioritizes creating value for both user segments by facilitating seamless interaction between them.

In essence, a platform business model acts as a bridge between multiple user groups. Its core function is to provide a valuable service by enabling their interaction within the platform. Effective platform models create win-win scenarios where both user groups derive significant benefits from their engagement.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

We are looking for funding for 200k EUR, 50% of which will be spent on product development, 20% on operations and 30% on marketing.

Предложение инвестору

Proposals can be discussed face to face

Команда или Руководство


• Risk of large app cache size preventing user device installation
• Hacking attacks
• Risk of not acquiring the required number of subscribers
• Risk of not signing contracts with companies/brands
• Competition - emergence of similar projects
• Mobilization of male developers
• Increased marketing budget costs due to insufficient initial marketing plan metrics
• Unstable political and economic situation (the company is registered in Ukraine)
• The risk is not being able to capture market share in time

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Won the state grant "Own Business"
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