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Protection, Compression & AI/ML tools for digital images

Ukraine, Kharkov region
Market: Internet and IT, Artificial Intelligence
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 24.04.2022
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NADC is deep tech startup based on own fundamental research. Our product is data protection & compression technology that provides privacy protection, memory reduction and low complexity AI/MLtools

Current Status

Prototype of SDK has been developed.
Protection & lossy compression of digital images have been already implemented in a form of C++ SDK.

To be implemented:

1) lossless image compression mode;

2) compression efficiency improvement


SOM: $ 11.2 M

SAM: $ 33.7 M

TAM: $ 112.3 M

Target audience: developers of products & services in the following areas:

1) security & smart home systems;

2) medical software;

3) apps with image sharing functions (messangers, data sharing apps, etc.);

4) desktop apps (for office, scanning, photographers, designers, etc.);

5) ML/CV solutions;

6) robots & drones;

7) storage, backup & disaster recovery.

Problem or Opportunity

The problem is a combination of the following:
1. Great expenses (memory, time, traffic, computational resources and, hence, MONEY) when processing huge image datasets and bases.
2. The need to provide high level image protection (especially, private and biometric data, medical and security images, etc.) due to a number of regulation acts (for instance, General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union) and high risks concerning activity of hackers.

Solution (product or service)

NADC solition is a technology in a form of software development kit (SDK, C++ lib). It provides protection & compression features. Also, data is strored in the format that is ready to applying image recognition, classification, retrieval, etc.

In a simple way, our team proposes to replace "classic" image formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) by NADC format, which provides the following features:

1) greater memory savings;

2) compressed files have been already protected (= no need for further encryption applying);

3) direct applying of AI/ML techs (= no need for special preprocessing).


In order to solve the problem considered, team of some project can use the following ways:

1) develop own technology (-ies):


zero-trust principle satisfaction,
no IP problems,
no problems with patents, licensing, etc.

requires special skills, time and, hence, money,
requires validation;
2) outsource development


no special skills are required,
no IP problems, no problems with patents, licensing, etc.

requires MONEY and TIME;
3) application of ready-to-use software tools (great number of proprietary, open source, free software tools that implement well-known algorithms such as JPEG, WebP, JPEG2000, AGU, ADCT, AES, DES, IDEA, Blowfish, etc.)


no special skills are required,
strong scientific validation (in the case of widely used algorithms),
community support,

zero-trust principle is not satisfied,
what about patents, IP, licensing? (this requires careful investigation!)
!!! a combination of several technologies must be applied, which requires huge additional resources !!!

Advantages or differentiators



no special skills are required,
strong scientific validation (it really works),
NADC = protection + compression + convenient data representation (3 in 1),
zero-trust principle satisfaction,
easy integration with other products, SDKs, techs,

it doesn't have wide community support YET,
NADC image format is not supported YET by widely used apps (browser, office software,, etc.)


Subscription (license for NADC SDK usage).
Technology types licensing:
- PREMIUM, USD 40 000 per yr,
- STANDARD, USD 20 000 per yr,
- STARTUP, USD 2 000 for 1st usage (special proposition for startups).

Revenue source: selling of licenses.

Expenses: promotion (31%) + development (19%) + legal & accounting (19%)
+ operating costs (31%) - forecast for the 1-st year.

Financial projections, USD:
1-st year: Revenue = 906 K, Espenses = 702 K
2-nd year: Revenue = 1700 K, Espenses = 869 K
3-rd year: Revenue = 4280 K, Espenses = 1002 K
4-th year: Revenue = 9890 K, Espenses = 1076 K
5-th year: Revenue = 22415 K, Espenses = 1142 K

Business model

Business model: subscription (license for NADC SDK usage).

Go2market strategy:

First, we plan to use our private contacts:

1) Innovation Holding "Sikorsky Challenge" (, top innovation ecosystem, huge network) - offcial partner of NADC;

2) Ukrainian Scientific IT Society (, organiztion that brings togather hundreds of scientists & representatives of IT-community);

3) network provided by the following universities:

KhAI university, Kharkiv, Ukraine (,
IETR UMR CNRS 6164, University of Rennes 1, Lannion, France (,
NTU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv, Ukraine (,
Tampere University, Finland (,
Autonomous University of Barcelona (,
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin (

Second, we plan to present our techs at IT conferences and exhibitions, as well as promote our product via LinkedIN.

Money will be spent on

Investments ask: 306 K (USD), for 12 months
Promotion: 94 K (USD)
Development: 59 K (USD)
Operating: 96 K (USD)
Legal & accounting: 57 K (USD)

Offer for investor

10 %


Macro risks (Russian agression)

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

"reBOOTcamp: Startup Kharkiv": intensive program for startups, September -October 2020, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Won the competition and other awards

The winner of the section “Information technologies, digital country and
cybersecurity”, X Competition of Startups “Sikorsky Challenge”, August 2021,
Kyiv, Ukraine

The winner in the nomination “The best project idea”, X Competition of
Startups “Sikorsky Challenge”, August 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Finalist of Intensive program for startups "reBOOTcamp: Startup Kharkiv",
October 2020, Kharkiv, Ukraine


1) ATools Software Development Kit: image processing technologies using finite functions. The Certificate on official registration of software. No. 111460,
January 31, 2022;

2) Discrete Atomic Compression: Research Kit. The Certificate on official
registration of the computer program copyright. No. 83048, 2018.

3) Discrete Atomic Compression: User Kit. The Certificate on official registration
of the computer program copyright. No. 83047, 2018.
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