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Ukraine, Kyiv city
Market: Internet and IT, Culture and art, Education, training, Entertainment, Services
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 22.09.2017
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Integration of society into science and innovation.
Creation of innovative platform equipment, with the goal of integrating the Society into science and innovation, through testing, interaction, experimentation and training.

Current Status

The project completed the initialization, planning by 100%, implementation - by 20%:
1. Developed a business plan, project assignment, strategic planning;
2. The objectives, limitations and priorities of the project are defined;
3. Participants selected;
4. Possible risks are identified, a method of their prevention is developed;
5. A project plan has been drawn up;
6. The platform of the project is prepared for the final works:
- construction of the site is completed (third floor of the shopping center, area - 4000 m2);
- the floor screed is maded;
- the walls are leveled;
- the ceiling is leveled;
- openings are made;
- communication was completed (electrician, water pipe B1-cold, T3-T4-hot, Internet, video surveillance, access control, burglar alarm, ventilation system, storm sewerage, sewerage K1, fire protection systems SDZ, water heating (radiators)). .
On September 1, the pre-sale contracts (for New Year corporate events on the territory of the GIG project) were signed with the companies BK MPK, AST AST Company, ST Stan-Komplekt LLC, Welding for a total amount of UAH 10,000,000.


Age of Visitors:
7% - 0-6 years
30% - 7-12 years
7% - 13-14 years
4% - 15-16 years old
4% - 17-19 years old
9% - 20-25 years
22% - 26-35 years old
14% - 46-55 years
2% - 56-65 years
1% - over 65 years of age

Education of visitors:
54.8% - primary education / after high school completion
1,0% - secondary vocational education
10.4% - secondary education
1.4% - postgraduate education
32,4% - higher education

40% - Kiev
19% - Kiev region
41% - other areas

Problem or Opportunity

The GIG project implements the following services:
1. Research activities.
2. Innovative combination of teaching process and content.
3. Integration of the interests and values of society into science, technology, research and innovation through the holding of event-events.
1. Research activities – joint (society and science) creative process of scientific research.
The process of integration of the society into science – project foresees both systematic involvement of society into research activities (multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research combining engineering, science, humanities and technological progress) and innovations.
Researches of the project are aimed on the following:
• Development of the interest and potential of people to science and provision of the opportunity for active participation in various scientific events and workshops;
• Help to distribute the information and best practices via knowledge-sharing platform in terms of the project, including creation of online educational site, monitoring and evaluation of relevant initiatives;
• Creation of new scientific - technical solutions via co-creation in the following spheres:
- alternative energy sources
- creation of new environmental materials
- development of new types of ecological hydro power stations for low-water and low drop rivers, less than 3 meters
- creation of pilot versions and their application in society
- research into new 4GVR capabilities in training and perceiving of the world from the other hand
- smart house - as an element of research

2. Innovative combination of process and content - educational program.

The project applies integrated approach that involves all sensory systems and motor skills of children, teenagers, adults, and ensures the acceptance of information at the highest possible level.
An important component of the training space is the special zoning of the project zone - division into thematic zones with appropriate design - solutions and technical content.
Design of each individual zone - is the addition of training content. Design includes advanced lighting solutions from Philips Lighting and projections from Epson. Project will use the latest achievements of 2017, to obtain a room with a change of atmosphere and fullness - the maximum approximation to the reality. Perception of exhibits and zoned space occurs on two levels:
• first - initial level, interaction with interactive artifacts and standard review;
• second (upper) level - is specially equipped area, on which it is possible to climb and have a look at the author's design solutions on above, from different angle, and see what is inaccessible from the lower tier.

First zone – Space-G space zone.
• Space - is the source and the beginning of all that exists on the planet Earth.
• Interaction of people with space and awareness of itself as a part of outer space.
• The zone is filled with robotic exhibits for interaction with children, teenagers and adults.
Second zone – water world.
• Water - is the source of life on the Planet Earth, its’ worth for People.
Third zone – geo-zone.
• Modeled snow map of the Earth in order to focus the attention of the society on the topic of Global Warming.
Fourth zone – innovative solutions and technologies.
• to show relation between the preservation of the environment, natural resources and the necessary modern innovative solutions for this purpose
Fifth zone – Bio Garden.
• focus on the environment and conservation of energy resources
• the need of People to use alternative energy sources
The purpose of the training program is integration of children, youth, family institute into science and innovation, via transfer of knowledge and information on the material - technical base of an innovative - equipped site.

• Theoretical stage – acquaintance with the topic:
Watching of scientific and educational content in Full Dome in spherical cinema 360, in panoramic cinema alternately, or depending choice of participant. There are programs that allow children, teenagers and adults to travel on planet or galaxy upon their choice. Space is available for private presentations.
Visual and aural perception.
• Opened experimental laboratories:
In these laboratories takes place practical consolidation of theoretical information obtained earlier in the form of experiments, researches.
GIG project laboratories - are interactive research centers, in which, anyone can study scientific methods, achievements of science, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. On the basis of innovative methods there will be created unique set of methods, techniques, tools and conditions for teaching of different topics in opened scientific laboratories.
• «Experimental stage»- HALL OF EXHIBITS:
Hall of exhibits - is space in which hundreds of exhibits teach, amuse and amaze child, teenager, and adult.
The purpose - is assimilation of scientific information in form of game: using dynamic exhibits and interaction with them.
Interaction with the exhibit demonstrates natural phenomena, the relation man-technology, man-nature, and man-science.
Forth stage – «game experiment» in Soft/Game zone.
The information received by a child, teenager or adult earlier acquires entertaining form: emotional, mental and physical abilities are involved.
Game form of transfer of information reduces the level of psychological protection, which prevents to understand and accept new information, to master new skills.
Game content is applicable:
a. Developed for teaching of methods of GIG project by connecting to IT cluster of Ukraine and Europe.
b. Any content related to advanced achievements.
Fifth stage – «consolidation of passed material» - 4GVR zone.
The purpose is to simulate processes demonstration of which in real life can be complicated, dangerous or economically impractical, herewith, using the entire range of sensory systems.
To provide "visually" the information that is not available for reception by person (visualization, audiology, etc.).
This stage consolidates all the information, which child, teenager or adult received during four stages earlier in interactive form.
On picture 1 are shown all sensory systems of person that are involved in the process of stage-by-stage training.
The idea of online site - is training, sharing of information with leading educational and scientific organizations, filling of base of content, updating of it. This element of the project helps to obtain the necessary information from anywhere in the world and try out new methods and programs. The purpose - is to find innovative solutions that will result from the work of the project.

3. Integration of interests and values of society into science, technologies, researches and innovation activities:
• Improvement of the quality, relevance, social acceptability
• Sustainability of results of researches and innovations in various areas of activities, starting from social innovations to Nano-technologies.
• Cognitive activity, via entertainment content:

1) Smart house.
Smart house - lounge area, designed as cozy house. The purpose - is house of the future, researches and testing on real samples and people necessary achievements to improve the life of different social groups and their way of life.
The result - is follow-up study of systems IOS and Android (used in demonstration) in design laboratory.
2) Software Zone
Software/Game Zone –zone for demonstration of new programs, IT developments, Internet technologies, testing with various alpha and beta versions of software. Obtaining of conclusions under results of testing of alpha and beta versions with complete report for completion of development of software. Also evaluating of the use of this software in society, on the basis of which can be conducted comprehensive investigation.
Result – developed software that maximally meets the requirements of society and scientific - technological progress. It is related to the scientific, game, cognitive software, used in life and the training program.

3) Conference Hall
The conference hall is a complex of specially equipped premises for carrying out events of various formats: from small conference rooms to the cinema halls. Total number of seats in the conference centre - 500 people.
4) Bio-Garden
Bio-Garden 1, 2 – project zones that are located on the roof. It comprises plantations, recreation area, and also partially zone of exhibits. Here you can see several types of new solar cells: from ultra-thin to new generation batteries; newest wind farms and other sources of alternative energy, for example, sources that function by extracting energy from waste and biological components.
5) Children’s TV
Children's television. Broadcast of videos about the life of the project, provision of information about it - by eyes of children. Leading Children's TV - children. In this premise also is planned to hold electives and additional classes for children on different topics.
6) Children’s Journalism
Separate direction of the project, a specially organized newspaper that will be created with help of children in order to inform society about the project.

Solution (product or service)

1. The GIG platform will play an important role in building the scientific potential of the society.
2. The development and implementation of innovative methods, the involvement of society in science will complement the learning process and create new, unique knowledge.
3. The methodology of the project takes into account the VSD-value-oriented approach: Man - Science - Knowledge.
4. The project allows in practice to assess the quality and effectiveness of the implemented integration using the number of scientific and technical solutions created in the process of co-creation.
5. The topic has a wide geographical scope. Cooperation with foreign partners is a necessary part, for the creation of joint event-events, workshops, presentation materials, interactive exhibits.


Similar projects, which can be considered competitors of the project in the Ukrainian market, don't exist.
This is confirmed by the fact that the project is a symbiosis of a shopping center, an event hall, a restaurant and a hotel located at the central intersection of the main transport arteries of the capital.
As of September 2017, Kiev companies operate separately, with similar proposals. Also, there were significant differences between the projects:
The GIG project implements the following services:
1. Research activities.
What does it mean:
Development of interest and potential of citizens to science and giving them the opportunity to take an active part in various scientific events and workshops.
Museum of popular science and technology "Experimentarium".
"Experimentarium" focuses on the development of children's and young people's scientific potential, excluding the adult segment of the consumer market.
We: cover the audience of 18+, providing the society with testing opportunities, familiarization with innovative innovative scientific developments - creating unique pilot versions, the possibility of interaction and experimentation with them, testing them in the educational process and society.

2. Innovative combination of educational process and content.
What does it mean:
Creation of innovative authoring techniques, as well as topics based on these techniques, their implementation in the learning process, no less than 60 topics per year. Annually, for use and implementation, at least 60 different topics will be available in each field of natural science knowledge, developed by the team of specialists, as well as partners. These topics will be introduced into the project, modernized, and there will also be content exchange with scientific and educational European organizations.
The launch of an integrated approach to curricula, which involves all sensory systems and motor skills of children, adolescents, adults, guarantees the acceptance of information at the highest possible level.
There are no similar projects on the Ukrainian market.

3. Integration of the interests and values ​​of society into science, technology, research and innovation through the holding of event-events.
What this means: holding an event on an innovatively equipped site using the latest achievements of electronics, science and technology.
Congress and Exhibition Center "Parkovy".
Freedom Event Hall.
In both companies there hasn't hotel complex.

Advantages or differentiators

The advantage of the project, before possible competitive offers on the market are:
1. A symbiosis of a shopping center, restaurant, event hall and hotel
2. Shopping Mall - 24.000 sq m
3. Restaurant - 3 restaurants on 3 floors
4. Event Hall - 4 000 sq m
5. Hotel - 256 rooms
- Ukraine, Kiev, metro station Petrovka
- Proximity to the city center (Khreshchatyk street) - 5 km.
- Distance to the sleeping areas with a total population of more than 1,000 million (Obolonsky, Minsky housing areas) - 1 km.


The budget of the Event Hall GIG :
The budget of the Event GIG project is formed after conducting market research, including the resource
• Capacity of the complex:
10-11 thousand people a day;
40 million visitors a year.
• Conversion of visitors to the complex in Clients - 1%
• Coefficient of growth - 1,1
Data on incomes and expenditures are given for their functional purpose.
The main cost is advertising and promotion of the complex during 2018.
In the following periods, under the most negative scenario, the payback period of the complex is 2.8 years.
Project budget HOTEL COMPLEX:
The project budget The HOTEL COMPLEX is formed after the market research, including the resource
• Capacity of the complex:
10-11 thousand people a day;
40 million visitors a year.
• Workload - 70%
• The average price of the room is 800 UAH.
• The average check of the restaurant is 150 UAH.
• Coefficient of growth - 1,1
• Maintenance costs 7 euro per room - 210 UAH.
Data on incomes and expenditures are given for their functional purpose.
The main expense item is the promotion of the complex in 2019.
In the following periods, under the most negative scenario, the payback period of the complex is 3 years.
More detailed calculations of the profitability and payback period of the project you can see in the presentation that is attached.

Business model

is a symbiosis of a shopping center, restaurant, event hall and hotel.

Money will be spent on

Purpose of investment:
1. finishing work
2. purchase and installation of lighting systems (Philips Lighting)
3. purchase and installation of equipment (Epson projection systems)
4. purchase of furniture
5. decor
A specification for each of the items will be provided upon request.

Offer for investor

The company offers you a share in the project with initial investment of $ 27000000 hryvnia (1,000,000 euros):
• Total area - 4000 m2 (Event Hall) + 256 rooms (hotel) + more than 400 m2 (Restaurants)
• Initial deposit - 1000000 euro
• Payback period under negative scenario - 3 years
Equity participation - 50%

Mentors & Advisors


Possible risks, their impact on the project, probability, as well as the solution are described below:
1. Political instability - MED - MED- The project is out of politics, the concentration on science
2. Great currency fluctuations - MED - MED - Currency exchange is possible only in case of direct write-off of funds in order to avoid exchange rate differences
3. Insufficient liquidity of the project - HIGH - LOW - Adaptation of the program
4. Lack of sufficient number of participants - HIGH - LOW - Use of other or additional marketing tools, change of marketing strategy in order to inform and interest the public
5. Lack of positive effect on youth - MED - LOW - Creation of new methods and analysis of their impact, changing the standard processes
6. Failure to perform the planned work - MED - LOW - The work will be monitored at the initial stage. A reporting system is provided and, if necessary, adjustments will be made
7. Great changes in the consortium - HIGH - LOW - Signing of proper documentation at the initial stage. Calculation of the limit minimum number of partners in the consortium. There is a possibility to redistribute responsibilities between partners: taking into account the consolidated work of the team, if one of the partners does not perform the work, others can perform the same scope of work.
8. The expensiveness of the technical content of the project - HIGH - MED - Search for alternative solutions that will not harm project ideas
9. The expensiveness of development of methodological materials - HIGH - LOW - Search for alternative solutions that will not harm project ideas
10. Expensiveness of repair works - HIGH - LOW - Change of contractor
11. Plagiarism of idea by an organization with great financial capabilities - MED - MED - Registration of copyright and license
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