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Investment in distribution of SunPower - the technology leader in solar energy. Solar energy is the leader among renewable energy sources in terms of the volume of commissioned capacities.

Текущее состояние

Our company is the only official distributor of the world leader in the industry (SunPower, USA) in Ukraine.
We provide:
- whole range of equipment for solar power plants;
- design and construction of solar power plants of any type;
- professional audit of solar power plants and power audit of buildings;
- professional service, advice, and technical support;
- a unique, unsurpassed warranty on equipment and work.


Whole market = 1 000 MW
Our share of sales = 1.5 MW
Our main target audience = 350 MW

Проблема или Возможность

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity, with far
reaching and devastating impacts, Climate impacts affect all regions of the world and cut across all sectors of society.
The energy has become so abundant that the planetary compensation systems are no longer able to cope. As a result, the entire planet began to heat up.
Also, the average price per kWh for non-household consumers in Europe is already 183% higher today. For household consumers - by 364%. Over 10 years, electricity prices in Ukraine have risen by 471% and 435% (class 1, class 2) or by 16-17% per year.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

1. The growing popularity of solar energy, increasing the efficiency of equipment, reducing the cost of kWh below coal and gas power plants.
2. High “green tariff” for private houses, linking the “green tariff” to the Euro, low reliability of the power grid (the highest rate of outages in Europe).
3. The high cost of electricity for enterprises, the constant growth of its cost, low reliability of the power grid.
4. Climate change due to the use of traditional fuels and related incentives, including the obligations of businesses and governments to switch to renewable energy sources.

- A real contribution into combating climate change and reducing the carbon footprint of business.
- Reduced CO2 tax and the opportunity to cross the carbon border of other countries.
- Reduced air pollution in the region.

- Own generation of clean power (replacing up to 100% of daily electricity consumption).
- An additional power source that runs for decades, even if the surrounding infrastructure is shut down.
- Increased installed capacity.

- Sustainable development and growing profitability at a compound interest rate.
- Efficient competition (cost reduction).
- Capitalization growth of business, increase in liquidity and cost increase of real estate property.
- Opportunity to return the investment upon sale of the business or real estate.
- Guaranteed sale of electricity, full automation.
- Cheap “green” loans.


Competitors are Chinese manufacturers with lower prices and worse technical characteristics. According to the price policy, our company's main target audience = 350 MW, the whole market = approximately 1 000 MW.

Our sales growth drivers:
1. A fast growing local market, a relatively crisis-resistant industry.
2. High involvement and efficiency of the sales department, earned in practice customer confidence in our company and SunPower products.
3. Advantage of product characteristics over competitors, visibility and reliable image of SunPower.
4. A unique model of work, beneficial for our dealers and inaccessible to competitors.
5. The result of significant investment in marketing: exhibitions, conferences, dealer events, samples and gifts.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

SunPower (our product)
- American Corporation based in Silicon Valley
- Has over 35 years of solar industry experience - the longest of all in the industry
- One of the largest in the field of alternative energy - more than 300,000 customers
- 1st place in sales in the US in the market of private and commercial power plants (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2019)
- Leader in the field of global solar innovations - 11 world records
- Manufacturer of Tier-1 class (Bloomberg 2020)
- Is part of the concern Total, the 4th largest energy company in the world

Power plants with SunPower are more profitable due to:
- increased generation of the entire power plant;
- less degradation;
- lower construction and maintenance costs;
- reduction of risks in general.

Thanks to the unique technology and efficiency of SunPower P3 and SunPower Maxeon 3 you get 20% more power.

Unique advantages of SunPower with partial shading and contamination
Modules in solar power plants are grouped in strings of 15-20 pcs. When the generation of one module fails, the generation of all modules in the string fails as well, i.e. losses are multiplied by 15-20 times.
Shading can be avoided at the design stage, but microcracks and other defects have the same effect.

Most manufacturers guarantee only 10-12 years of service, SunPower provides 25 years warranty both for product and efficiency.



- Purchase from Europe at high prices in Euro (for fast delivery in 3-4 weeks).
- Sale of goods on pre-orders with delivery in a month.
- Prepayment for pre-orders and sales of goods in transit: 25-35%.
- Small sales volumes - high price for customers, low company income.


- Purchase from China at a price 8-10% lower (delivery in 2 months).
- Availability of goods in stock or delivery in 5-10 days.
- Standard for the market size of prepayment for the sale of goods in transit: 10 - 15%.
- Large sales volumes - low price for customers, high company income.


1. 100% provision of investments with equipment: the entire amount is directed to the purchase of goods in SunPower.

2. Foreign exchange earnings: all prices on the equipment market are in dollars, the bulk of dealers actually pay in dollars or euros, in addition to this, the income of the majority of end customers is tied by the state to the Euro due to the conditions of the "green tariff", which protects against foreign exchange risks and customers, and importers.

3. Significant resilience of the industry to crises and quarantines, which is confirmed by our practice throughout the year, as well as the International Energy Agency's report on the global market for 2020.

4. Positive reputation of our company t in the market of solar power plants in Ukraine, for 2.5 years of work there has not been a single conflict or any legal claims.

5. SunPower Corp.'s stringent requirements in the selection of distributors and keeping this status by us for a long time.

6. A growing market, one of the most promising business areas in a changing world, a unique business model inaccessible to competitors, and a strong team of specialists involved in the business.

7. A real contribution to solving the issue of abrupt climate change and air pollution.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

Purchase of goods (solar panels).
100% provision of investments with equipment: the entire amount is directed to the purchase of goods in SunPower.

Предложение инвестору

Investment amount: from 10,000 to 300,000 USD.

Currency: USD (regardless of the actual investment currency).

Interest rate: 24% per annum payable monthly.

Investment period: from 3 months to 1 year with the possibility of prolongation.

Start time: no later than 18 January 2021, which allows using for transportation the traditionally less active January and avoiding the lack of supply at the beginning of the season.

Команда или Руководство


Lack of working capital for purchasing goods is the main obstacle to sales growth.
All 4 obstructive factors are a consequence.

Победы в Конкурсах и другие награды

Our company is awarded with the Best Solar Power Product Award 2019.

Our product:
1ST PLACE IN THE WORLD BY RELIABILITY - 10 times more reliable (0.005% returns)
1st PLACE IN THE WORLD BY EFFICIENCY - 22,8% (Maxeon Gen 5 module – 425W)
1st PLACE IN THE WORLD BY THE LOWEST DEGRADATION - no more than 0.25% per year (Maxeon)
ONE OF THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY -0.27% / °C for Maxeon-3
THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY - Sustainability Award 2019, Cradle to Cradle
ONE OF THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY - 25 years of service life 25 years of degradation rate

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