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Платформа для сервисов

bNesis -  is the platform for rapid integration any app with multiple services through unified API

Украина, город Киев
Отрасль: Интернет и ИТ
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Инвестиционная идея
Having integrated with just one unified API, our client will get access to dozens of global and regional services (clouds, social networks, docflow, management, marketing, media, booking, shopping calendars, mail and other services) that allows to develop its own company and release resources for the improvement of own functionality, save tens thousands of dollars, time and focus on the build-up of the user base and global spreading.
Текущая ситуация
Solution is almost ready for beta-testing
We are planning to focus on services, applications, small and medium-sized companies, which provide possibilities of managing, creating and/or changing any user’s content. Companies before investment round B level, as these companies are most interested in cost savings and accumulation of all available human resources for the development of basic functionality.

Our service allows them to save, not to spend resources on development and integration of other services, and just get access to all solutions on "here and now" principle.

Our clients, for example, are mainly all applications from Google Play, App Store and Windows Store in Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Business and dozens of other categories. Our clients are also any web-based services and programs that might be installed on Mac or PC

For example, almost all services and apps are working with clouds, because they are necessary for their users as a fast and convenient way to store private data. The more clouds are integrated, the more users will be acquired. It is especially important in case of accessing new and regional markets

According to global statistics, there are more than 50 million apps, programs, companies and services, that use clouds daily, in order to provide more possibilities for own users

For any western service, trying to get to the Chinese Market, it is necessary to provide access to regional clouds, such as YunPan 360, because 350 mln. of Chinese users mainly don’t know about Dropbox, Box or Google Drive

We are offering access to dozens of clouds and hundreds of other services with billions of users and even to the regional markets of Asia, Europe, North America and South America. We integrate global solutions such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, Facebook, Visa, MasterCard, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Magento, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Smartling and others, in the same time, providing access to regional services, such as YunPan 360, Tencent, Baidu, Web.de, Yandex, Cloud.ca, Mail.ru, VK.com, Odnoklassniki, Busfor and others
Проблема или возможность
Currently, any services from startups to multi-million-dollar companies interact with other services to provide more convenience and possibilities for their own clients.

Integrating them into own service is far from easy, and above all, it is neither fast nor cheap, requires an own team of programmers or interaction with temporary employees.

It takes at least $5 000 – $12 000, depending on the country and developers’ level of expertise, and a lot of time to integrate at least 3-5 most popular, global services. However, global services usually have good documentation in English, but their integration is expensive.

There are millions of services and not all of them have English localization, therefore, integration of only one service can be extremely expensive, in case if service doesn’t have good docs or not in English.

The slightest changes to the API result in huge amounts of additional work and limits the availability of qualified developers who spend time on never-ending adjustments to accommodate the modified code instead of developing own their service, therefore increasing overall expenses.

When attempting to acquire new users, every service must enter into new markets in other regions or countries. Mainly, it needs integration of more and more regional and global services, additional development of already integrated solutions that in turn make developers spend more money and time.

At the same time, integrating multiple services makes an application "heavy" with excessive functionality, full of bugs and API conflicts, limits its user friendliness due to its complicated interface, and drains the battery as it consumes a large traffic

Understanding the costs and amount of future problems, almost all services stop thinking about global spreading and focus on working only with one or two services, limiting own and users’ possibilities.
Some teams or even established companies often undertake tasks beyond their capabilities, and such efforts can impede or completely halt their development. A poorly integrated service, caused problems for users and huge expenses, might even spell the end for the company.
Решение (продукт или услуга)
We offer dozens of global and regional services, divided into groups: Social networks, payment services, medical and educational services, docflow, marketing, messengers and others. Each group has unified API through which our clients can easily integrate dozens of other solutions and improve own functionality

We undertake the development of third-party API, integration, interaction with the customer service and work with technical documentation that facilitates handling service’s issues for our clients.

We can help them to access users and markets, earlier unknown for them that allow extending and offering more services, in turn, removing the load on the budget, saving time, harmonizing and simplifying the application, at the same time, adding more functionality to it.

Our service can combine dozens of services, that allows to simplify the interface, decrease a consumption of the battery and traffic, reduce the load of CPU and provide more variability in selecting third-party services for users.

At the same time, the capabilities of our solution allow creating automated tasks between services. Users can easily automate different processes among services in several clicks, directly through our clients’ service

We offer interaction with our solutions according to following 2 patterns: ready-to-use integration solutions and integration suite for writing custom integration components, i.e. providing an opportunity to integrate our solution virtually within half an hour or adjust integration in a convenient way.

Our solution will be an original logistic center for services both for business customers and for their users, which will take over all API-related organizational activity.
Services of pairwise API integration
Zapier, Workato

1.    If service wants to use Zapier, they have to develop a new app and it takes several weeks. Because their app will be accessible through Zapier, only in case of creating the specific version, which is only possible for integration. With our solution, we don’t need any additional version. We integrate all services directly in our clients’ services.

2.    If service wants own users to use Zapier’s features, it has to make them understand this, because automated tasks are accessible only through Zapier. So, service’s success depends only on Zapier’s success. Because, if users don’t know about it, they won’t use it. With our solution, all automated tasks can be adjusted directly through our client’s service

3.    Users have to pay for using any service, through Zapier. So, they have to pay not to the service, but to the Zapier. Paying the additional money and having restrictions for automation, without the even possibility of data segmentation, a necessity in manipulations for setting up everything again and again for any new service, makes it not very comfortable for users. bNesis provides data segmentation feature. Only necessary information will be sent or upladed

4.    The limitations in operation can be considered as a disadvantage, i.e. only a certain number of actions per month can be done. Not more. And it is very uncomfortable, because, in the case of using service actively, they will have to pay more to Zapier, not to the service. Our clients’ users won’t have any restrictions on a number of operations

These services integrate third-party solutions on the principle of consecutive occurrence of two events
For example, on uploading the video to YouTube, the corresponding entry on Twitter will be displayed.

YouTube + Twitter

By a stretch of the imagination, they can be called as our competitors, since they also integrate API, but work in the quantitative restriction concept in actions per month and mainly focused on B2C segment or on employees. They offer integration only in case of trigger = action pair of all files and concept do not offer the possibility of flexible configuration. For example, in creating DropBox + Service pair, i.e. creating a video or the same Video creation service + Facebook, you have to bear such relationship in mind since any video will be automatically uploaded both to DropBox or Facebook. There is no possibility to select necessary or not necessary information.

The same can be applied to clouds. All the information will be uploaded, as in all files, without any structuring possibilities. It won't be possible to perform some segmentation or fine customization of a file upload to the cloud.

And such services are not designed for business solutions, but exclusively for private use or for personnel of the certain company, and rather than for consumers of their products. They are working only in B2C segment and make a lot of difficulties for their users and developers

API integration services in PaaS segment

Mulesoft, Dell boomi, Snaplogic, Talend, Cloud elements

Considerable services offering a wide range of functionality, which entail enormous expenditures. They are mainly difficult to integrate and do not fit our target segment as the offer includes unnecessary services for young companies, and has a limited number of connected services, which cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, the extremely high amounts of their budgets

In addition, they don’t provide any tasks’ automation and adjustment possibilities for uploading and sending of only necessary files
They focus on the segment of the big and very big business and will become our competitors in a fairly distant future.

In contrast to all of the above-mentioned competitors, we do not complicate our functionality using all possible features, we do not offer extended services (at the moment) on document circulation, professional analytics of actions of users and employees, the creation of complex logistics systems for transferring and processing of huge amounts of data. We simplify the functionality that allows easily integrate our solution and reduce costs. These are the key factors in the decision-making in the segment on which we are focused.

We choose segment, which currently is not fully occupied by the market: small and medium sized companies and start-ups needed to increase their capabilities in terms of operating with global and regional services in order to improve the opportunities for their common users
Using own data processing and transmission technology, we can provide our services 80-90% cheaper than our competitors.  Complementing it with Distributed Database technology, we are creating unique and patented technology (pending), extremely useful for us and our clients’ needs.

The advantage of our offer is integration in any service tens (later, hundreds) of other services in several hours and creating unique opportunities for automation interaction between them. We are creating a unique offer for all services to get what neither of our few competitors can provide.

We are offering possibility which is called One-Time-Login and accessible to any our customer. The user has to login into his services, through any our customer, only once. Henceforth, all his services will be always accessible to him through any other service where our service is integrated, without necessity of re-entering login and password again and again
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