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Mobi-Trans: A revolution in trucking
Mobi-Trans is rewriting the rules of the game in the world of freight transportation. With our unique IT platform, we are redefining logistics standards by creating direct and efficient connections between freight owners and carriers.
Forget about middlemen and costs: our mobile app provides direct access to freight transportation, simplifying and speeding up the process for everyone involved.
With the help of advanced technologies, Mobi-Trans offers a seamless, fast and profitable interaction at every stage.

Текущее состояние

At the moment, the Mobi-Trans project is in its initial stages of development. It's not just an idea on paper: we have a well-thought-out presentation that elaborates on the key aspects of the project and its potential value for the freight market.


Cargo Owners: These are the key users of the platform who are looking for efficient and quick ways to deliver their goods. They can be both large companies and small businesses or individual entrepreneurs.
Carriers: This is the second main segment for Mobi-Trans. These are companies or individual entrepreneurs who provide cargo transportation services and are looking for ways to optimize their working hours and increase their workload.

Проблема или Возможность

Market problems of logistics platforms:
1.Lack of direct communications
- between the customer and the carrier due to dispatcher interference
2. Dependence on dispatchers
-dispatchers charge a fee for their services and may not be available after hours
3. An inconvenience for carriers
-many carriers face the problem of
searching for cargo due to the limited functionality of applications
4. Complicated registration
-lengthy and inconvenient registration process on
5. Additional costs
-Payment for using the platform both for the client and for the carrier
6. Lack of functions for fleet management
-No ability to distribute orders among drivers online
7. Problems with updating information
-no automatic updating of orders
8. Limited search tools
-Primitive filters that make it difficult to find the necessary cargo
9. Absence of cargo tracking feature
-in real time
10. Problems of interaction
-Difficulties in offering one's transportation cost or participating in online tenders
11. Lack of networking among carriers
-drivers cannot contact each other for
for help through the platform
12. Absence of an emergency communication feature
-There is no mechanism for rapid response to
emergency situations, such as assaults or robberies
13. Ineffective technical support
-slow response to technical problems

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

Mobi-trans: problem solving
1.For the shipper:
-Free use eliminates unnecessary costs
-simple registration process saves time
-Intuitive interface for quick addition and management of cargo
-efficient searching for trucks without intermediaries
-Real-time tracking of cargo during transit
-Tenders for the best transportation offers
-Transparency by reviews and carrier rating
-Simplified digital document management
-Freight tariff analysis tool
2. For the carrier:
-Low tariff reduces operating costs
-Simple registration and quick verification reduce the time to start up
-The intuitive interface provides a comfortable
-Quick freight search without intermediaries simplifies
the process and reduces the time it takes to find a suitable order
-Auto-refresh orders for up-to-date
real-time information
-Search filters for an individual approach to cargo selection
-A navigational map improves the process
-Special solutions for ATE for efficient fleet management
-IP radio for direct communication with colleagues
-Transparent rating for trust and reputation
-The SOS function provides safety in emergency situations
-Offering cost without calls for autonomous work with clients
-Electronic document management for convenience and efficiency
3. Additional features
-Blacklist for recording violators
-Online chat for communication between participants
-Round-the-clock support for prompt resolving questions and problems


Analysis of the competitive environment
Analysis of competitive logistics platforms in Ukraine Lardi-Trans and Della-Trans:
1.General overview
-Both companies have been operating in Ukraine for more than 20 years.
-The main changes the platforms have undergone during this time are mostly design changes and the addition of some additional features.
2. Communication problems
-The platforms do not provide direct interaction between clients and carriers.
-Dispatchers act as intermediaries and often become the cause of delays, especially during off-hours or weekends.
3. Limitations of functionality
-Not optimized for mobile users, making it difficult for carriers to use the platform on the road.
-Lack of automatic order updates and the presence of primitive filters.
-No real-time cargo tracking capability provided.
-There is no tender creation feature and no opportunity for carriers to make their offers online.
-Lack of a feature that allows carriers to communicate with each other online.
-There is no function emergency communication for emergencies.
4. Financial and technical challenges
-Both platforms charge a fee for use from both clients and carriers.
-Problems with technical support and lack of quick response to user problems users.
Analysis of the Uber Freight logistics platform:
1.General overview
-Uber Freight is actively operating in 48 states of the USA and also has representation in Germany and the Netherlands.
-In the six years
of its existence, the company has shown no profit and is incurring losses.
2. Financial and operational problems.
-Uber Freight acts as a financial intermediary between the client and the carrier, which sometimes causes payment issues for the carriers.
-The platform does not account for the additional time costs of carriers (loading, unloading, downtime due to breakdowns, etc.).
-Delays in payment to carriers, sometimes up to several months.
-The fixed rate is often set too low, which deters carriers.
3. Limitations of functionality
-Communication between the carrier and the client is only allowed after arrival for loading, creating potential challenges.
-Carriers cannot suggest their own price, and clients cannot create tenders to receive the best offers.
-Lack of functionality for fleet management and order distribution among drivers.
-Problems with Technical support and lack of quick communication to resolve problems.
-Lack of functionality for electronic document management and signatures in the app.
4. Reputational problems
-A multitude of negative reviews from platform users, indicating deep-seated issues in the organization of work.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

Mobi-Trans is an innovative solution in logistics designed to efficiently connect clients and carriers on a unified, integrated platform. As the freight transportation market grapples with issues like inefficiency, payment delays, and a lack of transparency, Mobi-Trans aims to eliminate these barriers, offering unique and intuitive features for both parties.
The project's primary advantage is its dynamic network structure, allowing carriers to quickly access loads and fulfill orders, and clients to find reliable transportation partners. In practice, this means that the platform not only connects the parties but also supports them at every cooperation stage.
Financially speaking, Mobi-Trans shows promising dynamics, given the projected profit of $36,116 USD in the first 9 months. This figure indicates the project's high potential and its long-term growth prospects.


Financial model of the project
1.Revenue structure of the project
Major sources of revenue:
-After registration and verification on the platform, carriers pay a monthly "Free" tariff of $10/month to gain access to information and the ability to fulfill orders.
User and revenue forecasting:
-Plan for the first 9 months: attract 15,000 users, of which 3,000 are carriers.
Total revenues for 9 months: $149,850.
Planned sources of revenue after launch:
-Transaction insurance
-Raising placed requests to the top.
-Advertising on the platform (oils, cargo, company advertising, etc.)
- Establishing a private fleet of cargo trucks.
2.Project cost structure
Expenses for 12 months:
Development of Android, iOS, Web applications (3 months): $25,000
Technical support (6 people, $350/9 months): $18,900
Security service (6 people, $350/9 months): $18,900
Acquisition managers (3 people, $350/9 months): $9,450 + bonuses
Targeting specialist (1 person, $300/9 months): $2,700
Marketer (1 person, $400/9 months): $3,600
Web administrators (3 people, $500/9 months): $13,500
Accountant (1 person, $300/9 months): $2,700
Office rent ($700/9 months): $6,300
Laptops ($300/10 units): $3,000
Furniture ($30/24 units): $720
Internet ($15/9 months): $135
Stationery ($100/9 months): $900
Thus, the total expenses for 9 months amount to $105,805.
3.Net profit of the project
Net profit before tax:
149,850 US dollars (income) - 105,805 US dollars (expenses) = $44,045
Income Taxes:
$44,045 * 18% = $7,928.1.
Net profit after tax:
$44,045 - $7,928.1 = $36,116.9
Conclusion: The project brings in a profit of $36,116.9 USD over 9 months after all expenses and considering taxes.


Income projection from carriers:
• Month 1: 333 * $10 = $3,330
• Month 2: 666 * $10 = $6,660
• Month 3: 999 * $10 = $9,990
• Month 4: 1332 * $10 = $13,320
• Month 5: 1665 * $10 = $16,650
• Month 6: 1998 * $10 = $19,980
• Month 7: 2331 * $10 = $23,310
• Month 8: 2664 * $10 = $26,640
• Month 9: 2997 * $10 = $29,970
Total income over 9 months: $149,850.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

With investments of $110,000, we have a clear plan to stimulate the growth of our business and maximize profits for our investors. These funds will be strategically allocated to the launch and development of our platform, a marketing campaign aimed at attracting our first users, and building a team of highly skilled specialists.
By investing in these areas, we aim to create a high-quality product, increase market penetration, and stimulate revenue growth, ultimately positioning ourselves as a market leader and ensuring a significant return on investment.

Предложение инвестору

Investing in Mobi-Trans not only opens the doors to the future of logistics but also offers an opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary project that can redefine industry standards. Considering our strategic model focused on creating a top-quality product, attracting early users, and forming a team of professionals, Mobi-Trans is poised to take a dominant position in the market.
In conclusion, investing in Mobi-Trans is a chance to invest in a future where innovations and technologies in logistics come together, setting a new benchmark in freight transportation. We look forward with confidence, aiming to change the logistics industry and invite you to join us. We encourage you to join our efforts in transforming the logistics sector and revolutionary methods of freight transportation. Experience the power of Mobi-Trans firsthand. Let's tap into the vast market potential together, embracing innovation and shaping the future of logistics. We are eager to discuss investment opportunities and find out how your support can contribute to our growth and success.

Команда или Руководство


• Threat of new entrants: The barriers to entry into the transport and logistics industry are relatively high due to the need for IT infrastructure, compliance with legislation, and the creation of network effects. However, Mobi-Trans can overcome these barriers thanks to its unique value proposition and revolutionary approach.
• Supplier bargaining power: Mobi-Trans reduces dependence on traditional intermediaries as suppliers by providing direct access to carriers, thereby reducing their bargaining positions.
• Buyer bargaining power: Mobi-Trans expands the options for buyers (shippers) by offering a wide range of carriers, increasing their bargaining positions.
• Threat of substitutes: The traditional method of engaging intermediaries can be considered as a substitute for Mobi-Trans. Nevertheless, the platform's efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and direct connection make it a better choice for shippers and carriers.
• Competitive rivalry: Mobi-Trans will face competition from existing intermediaries as well as other new startups in the transport and logistics field. Differentiation through unique features, superior user experience, and strong branding will be of paramount importance.

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The trademark "Mobi-Trans" is our exclusive patented property.
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