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Online store with free worldwide shipping. Your mission is very simple - excellent quality, low price.

Текущее состояние

The FOP was created and taxes paid.
A working website is already created.
Monobank online acquiring is integrated.
Suppliers of goods are involved.
The search and negotiations with new suppliers are underway.
New product categories are added every day.
Created social network pages.
An advertising company is being run.


The online store ToBuy World has a fairly wide range of customer segments and the market in which it operates.

ToBuy World operates in the international market of Internet trade. Its market niche is a multi-specialty store with a wide range of products for different categories of consumers located in different countries of the world. The market in which it operates is very competitive, but thanks to its wide range of products and quality service, ToBuy.World has been able to take its place in the market.

Customer segments:
ToBuy World offers products for different categories of customers. Including:

Wholesale buyers looking for large quantities of products at low prices.
Retail customers looking for home goods, appliances, cosmetics, plumbing, autos and more.
Customers who are looking for exclusive products that cannot be found in other stores.
Customers who have special needs, such as products for people with disabilities or products for children.
In addition, ToBuy.World pays attention to various customer groups, including:

Young people and students who are looking for goods at an affordable price.
Workers looking for home and office products.
Family customers looking for products for the whole family.
Overall, ToBuy World tries to meet the needs of different customers by offering a wide selection of products and free shipping.

Проблема или Возможность

Opportunities for ToBuy World customers:

Wide product selection at affordable prices.
User-friendly interface for easy navigation and purchase.
Secure payment methods for safe transactions.
Fast and reliable delivery services for timely order arrival.
Convenient return process and refund option.
Loyalty program for saving money and receiving bonuses.
Access to advice and support from our team.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

ToBuy World is a user-friendly online store offering a broad range of products such as home goods, appliances, cosmetics, and more. Its interface allows for easy search by category, keyword, and other criteria. Each product features detailed descriptions, photos, specifications, and user reviews, with fast global delivery and various payment methods available. Customer support is available 24/7 via chat or phone. Overall, ToBuy World is a reliable and convenient store with quality products and professional customer support.


In the field of e-commerce, the ToBuy World online store has many competitors. The main competitors of ToBuy World include the following companies:

Amazon is the largest online store in the world, which offers a wide selection of products and services, provides fast delivery and has a high level of customer service.

AliExpress is an online store that offers a wide range of products fr om China and other countries at low prices. AliExpress also provides fast delivery and attractive conditions for customers.

eBay is an online auction wh ere customers can buy and sell a variety of goods. eBay offers a wide selection of items, including rare antiques and collectibles.

Walmart is one of the largest stores in the USA, which offers a wide selection of products for all categories of customers. Walmart also has its online store where customers can order products from anywhere in the world.

Zappos is an online shoe and accessories store that provides free shipping and returns. Zappos has a high level of customer service and a large selection of shoes from different countries around the world.

To be successful in the competitive field of e-commerce, ToBuy World must constantly improve its processes and systems, ensure high quality service and fast delivery, as well as offer attractive prices and convenient payment terms.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

ToBuy World has several differentiators that allow it to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of customers:

Wide range of products: ToBuy World offers a wide selection of products in different categories, meeting the needs of different customers.

High-quality customer service: ToBuy World provides high-quality customer service, including advice, assistance with the selection of products and solving any problems that may arise during the purchase.

Fast delivery: ToBuy World provides fast delivery of goods anywhere in the world. Customers can choose different delivery options, including express delivery.

Attractive prices: ToBuy World offers competitive prices for its products, which allows you to attract more customers and ensure repeat purchases.

Innovative technologies: ToBuy World uses modern technologies to ensure convenient and safe online shopping. For example, the site has a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as a system for protecting payments and personal data of customers.

Special offers: ToBuy World regularly offers special offers and discounts for its customers, allowing them to save money and enjoy more shopping.


The financial model of the online store ToBuy World is based on a large number of transactions with various customers and partners around the world.

The main sources of income for ToBuy.World are:

Sale of goods to customers through an online store, which provides the main flow of money to the company.
Advertising services offered to partners and manufacturers, which allows to increase income due to the inclusion of advertisements in the online store.
Interest from financial transactions related to payment through payment systems and other financial services offered on the site.
Given that ToBuy.World has a wide range of products and a wide customer network, the company depends on attracting more customers and increasing sales. However, in order to maintain profitability, it is important to remain competitive and use resources efficiently, in particular by minimizing costs in logistics and other aspects of the business.

More than 1 million sales are planned for 5 years.

Thus, the financial model of ToBuy.World involves active work with customers and partners, increasing sales, reducing costs and efficient use of resources to ensure sustainable profitability and development of the company.


Overall, the ToBuy World business model is focused on delivering high-quality products and services to customers worldwide through an efficient e-commerce platform. With a wide range of products, reliable logistics and delivery systems, and top-notch customer service, ToBuy World is well-positioned to continue growing and serving customers in the online retail market.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

Several main goals can be identified for which investments in the ToBuy World online store can be directed:

1. Development of marketing strategies: To increase sales and attract more customers, an online store can spend money on advertising and other marketing activities.

2. Technical update and expansion of the site's functionality: the online store can spend money on the development and improvement of its site's functionality, which will facilitate the ordering and payment process, as well as increase the speed and stability of the site.

3. Expanding the assortment of goods: Investments can be directed to the purchase of new goods and products that will complement the assortment of the store and attract new customers.

4. Development of logistics: Investments can be aimed at expanding the network of warehouses and logistics centers, which will reduce delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Development of its own brand: an online store can spend money on the development and production of its own products, which will increase profits and create a stronger brand.

6. International expansion: Investments can be aimed at expanding the business internationally, which will increase the potential audience and profits of the store.

Предложение инвестору

Dear investor!

We would like to offer you to invest in the ToBuy World online store. Our store offers a wide selection of products of various categories, known for their quality and affordability. We provide our customers with the convenience and speed of shopping, delivery and payment.

Our online store has strong technical and logistical potential, which allows us to compete effectively in the e-commerce market.

We plan to use the investment to expand our product range, improve our marketing strategies and improve our site's functionality, which will allow us to increase sales and profits.

We offer you to invest in our business on favorable terms with the possibility of receiving a high income. We provide interested investors with detailed information about the financial model of our business, as well as opportunities for cooperation and development.

We will be glad to cooperate with you and consider any proposals for investing in our online store.

Best regards,
The ToBuy World team

Команда или Руководство


As in any business, the ToBuy World online store is subject to certain risks. Some of these may include:

Competition: ToBuy.World operates in a very competitive environment where there are other large online stores. This could lead to reduced sales if ToBuy.World cannot find ways to attract and retain customers.

Data security: ToBuy World collects and stores a large amount of sensitive information about its customers, including their personal data and payment information. If this information falls into the hands of criminals, it could jeopardize the trust of customers and the reputation of ToBuy World.

Technical Issues: ToBuy World depends on technical hardware and software to keep its site and other systems running. If there are problems with data storage, security or ensuring the site is stable, it can lead to a loss of customers and a loss of revenue.

Changes in legislation: Online stores must comply with data protection, payment and other regulations. If the legislation changes, ToBuy World may be forced to make significant changes to its operations, which could impair its financial performance.

Logistics Risks: ToBuy World depends on the delivery of goods, which can be affected by factors such as changes in tariffs, obstacles in transportation across borders, weather conditions and others.

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