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Remote travel around the world with Avatars.

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Remote travel for adventure, shopping, business and interaction with the outside world with the assistance of special people - Avatars, who receive commands from the Travelers and execute them in a real remote place.

Текущее состояние

The general development of the project at this stage is carried out in the following directions :
- structure and basic algorithms,
- database,
- API for use by all component programs and equipment,
- Website
- office control program for all system functionality,
- Avatar program for Windows
- traveler program for Windows
- Avatar program for Android
- traveler program for Android

Creation percentage : database: 50%, API for use by all components of the complex Avatar-tour 50%, website: 50%, office management program: 70%, Avatar program for Windows 40%, traveler program for Windows 60%, program Avatar for Android 40%, traveler program for Android 40%, advanced avatar equipment 40%


Our clients can be divided into two groups:


1. Users from all demographic groups who, for various reasons, cannot afford to travel offline, mainly through limited financial or physical capabilities, as well as time related constrains.
2. Users who would like to get acquainted with the places of their future trip in advance, to preview the city or accommodation while receiving second opinion from a neutral party.
3. Businessmen, investors, or ordinary buyers of retail goods who would like to get a sneak peek into the facility/commodity they are about to purchase, and get to know it in more detail from the immediate proximity.
4. Users who, with the help of the project, will be able to partially realize their ambitions, having received the so-called effect of involvement with outstanding places or significant events. Or visit events or some places on the planet for scientific or educational purposes.
5. People who want new experiences, or entertainment in virtual travel or in virtual games in real locations with real Avatars.


1. Amateurs, non-professionals who simply perform specified functions within a certain task.
2. Professional guides who can not only perform high-quality tasks for visiting certain places but also offer their own ready-made excursion, entertainment, and educational programs.
3. Significant tourist sites that want to attract the attention of the world community.

Проблема или Возможность

Often in many people circumstance composed so that they cannot afford to come to some place . For example , traveling to exotic countries, or shopping in remote places, or just attending interesting activities . Lack of money, free time, limited physical capabilities , and finally objective reasons like coronavirus for example get in the way . Our project can solve all these problems . With its help , people will be able to carry travel for adventure, for remote shopping, business meetings, house rent etc. in any placeon Earth without leaving the boundaries of their home or office , feeling all the range of emotions and experiences as if they really were present in all of these , even the most its hidden and exotic , locations ..

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

Our project is a kind of platform that allows you to virtually visit certain places on Earth for different purposes. To do this, traveler need to choose the so-called "Avatar", which with the special equipment, or with the common smartphone would help them do it. By choosing an Avatar, the client (traveler) can use simple manipulations to control his movement, route and even behavior in certain places and circumstances. At the same time, thanks to the control and additional special equipment, the client will be able to feel the effect of presence in a remote place in real time. Functionally, the traveler's interaction with the avatar looks like this: the traveler sends control commands to the avatar and receives video and sound from the avatar at the right place and from the right angle, and also with the assistance of an avatar really interacts with the outside world.


At the moment, there are no portals offering comprehensive services, with established or even strategically outlined future global presence, similar to those that we offer. Individual services partially repeat individual features, built for a single location/destination/site as an in-house solution for virtual touring on that particular place. Some of them are:

• Visit Faroe Islands - virtual tourism service on the Faroe Islands is considered the groundbreaking initiative that promoted the concept and brought it in front of the wider audince for the first time.
• Similar to the Faroe Islands, Bristol From Home features a collection of travelers' favorite ideas, inspirations, and resources "so that you can continue to enjoy Bristol, during social distancing measures, from the comfort of your own home."
• Dubai 360 — an immersive virtual tourism experience that allows users to travel the city through a bird's-eye view and learn all about the locations scattered throughout.
• Great Barrier Reef has virtual tourism offerings. The interactive journey is headlined by legendary broadcaster and historian, David Attenborough, who takes viewers throughout the world's largest coral reef system.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

Our project offers users to remotely interact with the outside world using a regular smartphone or special equipment. Receiving an video and sound from the Avatar, the Tourist can transmit advanced control commands: for example, take an item, buy a souvenir, say hello to a person nearby, hide an item, and so on. And also with the help of special equipment (Avatar helmet) to control movement possible with virtual reality helmet.


Given the novelty and uniqueness of the project, as well as the potential audience of our project, both customers and avatars , the market capacity can be quite significant. The cost of Avatar services , depending on their location and complexity and specifics of tasks and equipment can be varied. Therefore, we have evaluated the potential of a number of signed agreements between clients and as Avatars . The technical capabilities of the platform can be pulled under this . Such agreements can be tens / day at the initial stage and tens of thousands / day at the project development stage . Price for individual use in the future may vary from about 5 dollars per hour to about 1000 dollars per hour, depending on the complexity of the equipment Avatar and unique route. In the case of a group tour or a pure stream, the price can be from $ 0 , but with different types of advertising from sponsors.


Basic profit:
-commission of our portal for virtual trips
-commission of our portal from tour operators for the sale of real tours
Additional income:
-advertising on the portal
- commission from locations that want to be popular (eg hotels, exhibitions, cultural centers, game halls, etc.)
- advertising logos integrated into the video
-additional travel services (high quality photos and videos, traces of presence, etc.)
-delivery of purchases and souvenirs from the virtual trip
- organization of own tours
-Ability to connect multiple viewers to a busy Avatar to view the trip without the -ability to control it.sale of navigation equipment for Avatars who want to be more high
-tech and highly paid.increased commission for the use of additional functions (sending messages to a separate smartphone, group communication, etc.)

Целевое назначение инвестиций

Given the scale and innovation of the project to implement a fully working platform requires significant costs of intellectual work (mainly the work of programmers to create a web platform and applications for Avatars and Travelers).

In addition, funds are needed for the following purposes:

-Product promotion on the Internet.
-Creating product design and promotional materials.
-Formation of the base of clients-customers and service providers (sights, hotels, parks, travel agencies, etc.).
-Creating an agency network of advertising, travel and event agencies.
-Creating and organizing your own tours.
-Creating special equipment for Avatars.

Предложение инвестору

We are ready for cooperation and will make an offer to the investor in the process of negotiations.

Команда или Руководство


the main risk is that due to insufficient funding for the project, its launch may be delayed and larger companies will develop their own similar project.

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