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Social media for intellectual exchange

Ukraine, Kyiv city
Market: Information and media, Education, training, Another, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 07.12.2018
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Simple, smart and multi-purpose online productivity tool for brainstorming, decision-making, critical thinking, rating and performance evaluation for teams and individuals

Current Status

MVP + Alpha testing of the responsive web platform (invitation only)


Thus, the Total Addressable Market worldwide is really huge and includes B2C (Freemium business model + boosted content within social network of public cases) and B2B (SaaS subscriptions for teams) sectors:

Potential Available Market - 900+ m
Total Available Market - 500+ m
Serviceable Available Market - 200+ m
Serviceable Obtainable Market - 20-50m

Target audience groups in B2C and B2B environment

• Online & offline shoppers for any kind of goods and services - to buy or not to buy?
• Active consumers - shoppers who are eager to evaluate their past purchases and share their experiences with friends, families, colleagues and community
• Bloggers, reviews writers:
- analysis of potential new products to buy
- evaluation of existing products on the market
• Intellectuals and thinkers seeking learning and new knowledge for leisure that makes sense

• Knowledge workers:
- analyze information and apply expertise in a variety of areas to solve problems,
generate ideas or create new products and services
- make decisions rather than physical items and work with ideas rather than with objects
• Information workers
- individuals who create, manage, share, receive and use information in the course of their daily work for making decisions that
- often requires both structured and unstructured information inputs from multiple sources into unified and easy accessible interface by peers and colleagues
• Creative industries & creative economy workers (Marketing agencies, etc.)
• Decision-makers and/or business teams in organizations of any type, size and industry
• Professional reviews & ratings services

Problem or Opportunity

1. Individual and group decision-making is irrational and biased
2. Rational analysis paralysis due to huge and ever growing data
3. Lack of effective tools for critical analysis and performance evaluation
4. Critical thinking is the key skill in modern and future economy to be successful (data by WEF)

One of the main reasons and the cause of this project is that we all know and hear today everybody gossiping about which jobs, occupations, disciplines and even skills AI and robots will take away from people of various social classes, educational and professional backgrounds in the nearest future and throughout the Fourth Industrial Revolution era in general. Actually, "This future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed yet." - William Gibson. But there's a common understanding and agreement that neither AI itself nor AI driven machines (aka robots) or devices will be able to take away from us, people, some exceptionally human skills:
- critical thinking
- creativity
- emotional intelligence
- judgement and decision-making

Just to name a few…

Solution (product or service)

1. Website - responsive online platform*
2. Mobile applications
3. Browsers extensions

Simple, smart and multi-purpose online productivity tool for brainstorming, decision-making, critical thinking, rating and performance evaluation for teams and individuals with unique user experience and progressive modern features, available in the cloud from any device.

The tool itself will remind you of a blank sheet of paper divided between three columns: Pluses, Minuses and Interesting facts (3rd column is optional). This is the most widely used brainstorming approach and critical thinking technique everyone is familiar with and it can be used for both individual purposes to boost personal productivity, as well as for business needs by project teams to optimize communication within decision-making processes in organizations of any type and size.

* Technology: NodeJS, React, Bootstrap, SASS, and Yii2
Languages: PHP7, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, and CSS


Brainstorming & Idea visualization - MindMaps
Team collaboration & Decision-making tools
Note-taking & Documentation tools
Reviews & Ratings tools
Publishing & Blogging tools

Advantages or differentiators

Our product and its business model have several competitive advantages
and are different from existing solutions in significant ways:

1. Simple, scientifically proven, well-known and self-explanatory approach to
decision-making, critical thinking and performance evaluation has finally
become a modern and progressive online tool available across all major platforms

2. Integrated dashboard and control panel with statistics, track records, personal messages and advanced notification system to stay on top of progress on personal and shared stories

3. Select between personal, private (for selected invitees) or public access
settings applicable for different life dilemmas and purposes of use in order to
work on resolving them as productive as it gets

4. Smart editor is tailored specifically for making hard and complicated choices in life as easy as possible: real-time calculated stats, equalizer mode, automatic points ranking, personal and publics notes, group voting and more

5. Product architected and designed to be used equally efficient by both individuals and teams of any size, across different industries and for multiple use cases in B2C and B2B environment

6. Social infrastructure to maximize efficient collaboration - follow and support bright authors and become a valued part of intellectual community by contributing to its growth and evolution: subscribe to interesting stories, vote, comment, like and share

Business model

B2C: Freemium + Ads
B2B: SaaS

Money will be spent on

15-20 months of runway
- Double team size every 6-9 months
- Product development
- Product-market-channel fit
- Early marketing efforts
- Profitability

Offer for investor

10% - 30% :
- Angel investment

Team or Management


1. Meaningful Stories with valuable content require thorough analysis and preparation (depending on author's competency and experience)
• Authors would need to synthesize and process big amounts of data in order to present conclusions as clear and short bullet points
• time to invest into content creation could require additional motivation = rewarding system needed - old school subscription rewarding system hides multiple disadvantages for Authors in modern environment and is simply outdated

2. Centralized content and users moderation is outdated either
• decentralized and self-regulating community of like-minded thinkers and motivated enthusiasts is the future of social networks

3. Blockchain based crypto rewarding system creation requires top level developers with corresponding expertise
• high competition on the market for blockchain specialists (high and growing demand vs. yet still lower availability)
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