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Tracking changes in the body and recommendations issuing

Ukraine, Sumy region
Market: Internet and IT, Medicine, Tourism, sport
Stage of the project: Operating business

Date of last change: 16.04.2019
Min investment
$  50.000
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$ 200.000
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Implemented in the form of a site that provides monitoring of dynamics of changes in the body, depending on physical activity and food components such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, macro-, micro-elements, vitamins, minerals and provides list of recommendations and a detailed plan for necessary nutrition and exercise for user, depending on his purposes and preferences for achievement of the goal. Amount of muscles, bones and fat mass, water in the body, the main metabolism in kcal, the deficit or surplus of food components will be monitored In the dynamics of changes in the body.

Current Status

At this stage the project is already working, but we need investments or its further promotion.

The following stages are already done:
✓ an analysis of the problem and the possibilities of its solution;
✓ marketing research (target audience was determined, a survey among the target audience in Sumy to determine the demand for innovation and a SWOT analysis was conducted);
✓ calculations of economic feasibility and profitability were carried out (the main means of service monetization were determined, approximate calculations of income generation were made based on the data of companies in this industry);
✓technical and mathematical aspects of the project implementation and their characteristics are described with including the necessary formulas for computing, the desired programming language and the stack of technologies used, the finished pages of the site (HTML templates with CSS);
✓database was designed (conceptual, logical and physical design) and described migrations for the Laravel framework;
✓the project documentation necessary for the implementation of the Scrum project is listed: project managing management plan, project quality management plan, project risk management plan, and so on;
✓ the logic of adding, deleting and editing all information on the service is implemented;
✓ carrying out of the diagnostics of the organism;
✓ the logic of output of information about the user's progress in the form of a schedule;
✓ the logic of giving recommendations on nutrition and physical activities is implemented, based on the body's diagnostic data, the purposes and preferences of the user;
✓ filled the base with food and exercise.

Future improvements:
- Writing a mobile app on Android and iOS
- Realization of recognition of the text on the goods;
- implementation of bar code scanning;
- realization of obtaining data from fitness bracelets;
- implementation of a device for bioimpedance analysis.


The project "Smartfood" may be of interest to:
- the inhabitants of the whole world from 15 to 50 years who are engaged in sports or lead a healthy lifestyle;
- people who follow their diet or certain physical activities;
- people who want to know the amount of muscles or adipose tissue;
- people who want to lose or gain weight;
- people who want to reduce the number of diseases associated with nutrition;
- people who want to receive recommendations or a detailed plan for nutrition or physical activities, taking into account their wishes;
- people who want to determine the causes of the appearance of excess weight, monitor changes in the body, choose a therapeutic diet.
- professional athletes;

Problem or Opportunity

Today, there is no convenient and affordable opportunity to monitor the dynamics of changes in the body, depending on physical activity and food components such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, macro-, microelements, vitamins, minerals and their energy component (kcal).It provides to user recommendations about the necessary nutrition and physical activity, depending on his goals and preferences based on these findings, to achieve the desired result. In the dynamics of changes in the body will be monitored: the amount of muscles, bones and fat mass, water in the body, the main metabolism in kcal, the deficit or surplus of food components.

Solution (product or service)

The project "SmartFood" is a web-service where data is received manually or through the open API of various devices, where the device-Smartphone-Web connection can be implemented.

Available functions for users of the service:
- adding into the database of initial personal data: weight, height, sex, age, preferences of physical activities and food, body measurements, strategy for achieving the goals, goals and aspirations;
- counting the receipt of food (it is possible to adjust the state of the product: boiled, fried, etc.);
- taking into account physical activities (there is a list of various physical activities - it is possible to adjust by parameters: intensity, heart rate, etc.);
- calculating the amount of muscles, bones and fat mass, water in the body, basic metabolism, the optimal heart rate, using only a personal computer, tablet or smartphone;
- automatic development of a detailed plan and recommendations for nutrition and physical activities, depending on the initial personal data;
- visual display of information on deviations from the norm of nutrition or physical activities in the form of graphs.


1) https: //www.myfit

Advantages or differentiators

Advantages of Smartfood service:
1) the complexity of the settlement system;
2) tracking the intake of vitamins and minerals;
3) the inclusion of automatic recommendations not only on nutrition, but also on physical activities;
4) automatical adjustment of nutrition plans and training for a specific user;
5) the presence of tracking the daily rate of all nutrients.
6) complex food and physical activities based on the ability to adapt to a specific user.


The investment is 180,000 $.
IRR - 501%.
NPV (3 years) - 8915000.
Profitability Index - 51.
The payback period is 8 months.

All the calculations are ready to show in person.

Business model

Earnings on the resource will be from contextual advertising, sales of links, paid user and coaching subscriptions. Also, additional income will be from the sale of related products (measuring devices, sports nutrition, etc.)

The user will be able to switch off all advertising by subscribing (1 month - 9.99 $, 6 months - 7.99 $, 12 months - 5.99 $).
It is also planned to develop their own devices for the diagnostics of the organism, there is already an electrical schematic diagram of the future device for bioimpedance analysis.

For the first 6 months of the site, after receiving investment, the planned attendance will be an average of 1500 unique users per day, of which, according to plan, 1-4% will switch off advertising. From contextual advertising, sales of links, banner advertising is planned to receive income of 600-800 $ / month.
The planned income will be on average $ 5,000 / month.

After 18 months of site operation, the planned attendance will be an average of 6.5 million unique users per month. In general, the planned revenue from advertising on the site will be on average $ 700 thousand / month. From the sale of devices for the diagnosis of the body (the average planned rate of 1% of all users will purchase the device for $ 75) - $ 4.875 million.

After three years of the site, the number of unique visitors per month will reach the estimated figure of 13 million. The planned revenue from advertising on the site will be on average $ 1.4 million / month. From the sale of devices for the diagnosis of the body (the average planned rate of 1% of all users will purchase the device for $ 75) - $ 9.75 million.

Money will be spent on

The implementation of the device for bioimpedance analysis is $ 5000.
Complex promotion on the Internet - 6000 $ / month.
Salary to the current four employees is 1200 $ / month.
Salary to new specialists is $ 2800 / month.
The cost of office rent is 200 $ / month.
Office equipment - 1000 $

Offer for investor

Will be announced in the negotiation process


- insufficient funds to implement the project → effect: all technical aspects will not be implemented → solution: attracting new investments, reducing costs.
- insufficient demand for innovation → effect: slow development of the service → solution: conducting an additional marketing campaign to increase demand.
- invented new technologies → effect: time to perform works will increase → solution: apply the best solution from new technologies to the project.
- the implemented functional has inaccuracies → effect: the time for the execution of work will increase → solution: correction of the detected errors.
→ the project falls short of the time frame → effect: the quality of the product will be worse than the planned one or an increase in the development time → solution: attraction of additional specialists when identifying the need.

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