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Ukraine, Kyiv city
Market: Appliances, Mechanical engineering, Production, Power Engineering
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Date of last change: 13.12.2018
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We want to bring to the world market the trigeneration installations of our own micro-CCHP
design, with an electrical capacity of up to 25 kW and a total power of up to 300 kW
(electricity, heat and cold).
We want to organize the production of such plants in Ukraine using the tools of
lean manufacturing.
We have developed an innovative installation design that allows us to achieve high
annual efficiency (up to 200%) in various climatic conditions using a gas engine.

Current Status

- Achieved predesign of all trigeneratorov capacity.
- The main calculations of the trigenarators are performed.
- Main component suppliers are selected:

- Pre-search distributors:
United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Poland.


We divide potential customers in the micro-power segment by:
Private houses, Hotels, off the grid settlements
Manufacture, service stations, car washes, repair services
Shopping centers, Office building, Hospital, Campus, Schools
Construction, security services, state structures, army

Problem or Opportunity

Positioning of products on the market
We will position our products on the market as needs with high efficiency, reducing the cost of all energy types. At the same time, we will always strive to give maximum attention to each client and better match their needs. We will do everything to guarantee the company name will associate with high quality and excellent service. The main our products difference from the already existing on the market will be the simultaneous production of three types energy in one compact installation with an efficiency up to 200%.

Solution (product or service)

Product Description
We offer an unit for the combined production of electrical energy, heat and cold. It will have a high efficiency of converting the chemical energy of the fuel into useful for the consumer electricity, heat and cold.
To integrate the simplicity of design and high efficiency, we decided to combining the proven solutions (using relatively cheap air-cooling engines, automobile refrigerant circuit, water circuit with electric fan and radiator) and already proven innovations (compact and inexpensive high-temperature heat exchanger, automatic system of oil change, as well as an internal heat recirculation system).
The products we offer can be described as goods that are based on new technologies and are designed to provide consumers with an alternative energy source with high energy.

The main groups of our products include :
Trigeneration installation Type 1 with total capacity 44 kW
Trigeneration installation Type 1 with total capacity 75 kW
Trigeneration installation Type 2 with total capacity 90 kW
Trigeneration installation Type 2 with total capacity 170kW
Trigeneration installation Type 2 with total capacity 300 kW


Competitive environment
- Gas and diesel generators Generac, Briggs & Stratton, SDMO, Kohler, Yanmar, Kipor
- Gas cogenerators Tedom, Totem, Dachs, Honda, Viessmann, Yanmar, Bosch, Ecopower
- Gas heat pumps and refrigerators : Tedom, Yanmar, Aisin, Panasonic, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Tecogen

Advantages or differentiators

Main competitive advantages and disadvantages
In order to surpass competitors, we will resort to the following methods:
- we will offer simultaneous production of three types of energy in one compact - installation that does not require additional rooms
- the cost of 1kW of the total energy of the installation will average 350 EUR / kW.
- possibility of autonomous power supply with high efficiency
- control of electrical load and the possibility of using the maximum electrical - --- power at any time by turning off the Freon loop
- reduction in the cost of 1kWh of energy compared to the central power supply
- reduction of emissions of harmful substances and CO2 into the environment
- supply shortage in the low-capacity market
- provision of customer's energy independence
- neat appearance complementing the facade of the building
- reliable operation in any climatic conditions
- reliability of start-up even after a long period of idle time in a cold climate
- protection against frost or overheating, control of engine temperature, water and freon circuits
- easy installation and maintenance
- compatibility with equipment from other manufacturers, such as: inverter, smart house, water pumps, heat accumulators and cold storage batteries, as well as fan coils
- high efficiency all year round

Money will be spent on

To implement the project, we need financing in the amount of 1 100 000 EUR, which includes the cost of achieving
the company's break-even work and investments in the purchase of equipment and capital repairs of the premises.
These funds are necessary for organizing the production of trigeneration installations, as well asreparing the product
for sale.
- the expenditure of funds for the acquisition of non-current assets (Purchase of producing place 200 000 EUR; Overhaul
of 100 000 EUR; Purchase of equipment 250 000 EUR; Costs of prototypes 100 000 EUR);
- the cost of materials and purchased products;
- management expenses (operating costs, energy costs, other utility payments, costs of security and fire services,
other production and administrative costs);
- selling expenses (advertising and marketing costs, certification costs, Dropbox plus costs, Linkedin Sales
Navigator costs, online store costs and website);
- salary fund;
- taxes.

Offer for investor

Investor's reward (% of net profit) = 49 %

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