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Recycling faktory

A unique eco-project aimed at recycling plastic waste

Украина, Харьковская область
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Recycling of plastic waste with the sale of secondary raw materials. Subsequently, the development of landfill gas from organic matter. Full self-sufficiency of the project. As well as an organization for the processing of glass containers and metal. Organization of new jobs and entry into the market for secondary products. Improvement of the ecological state of the region.

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Almost ready investment project. Business plan for organizing the production of pop-up processing of plastic containers and polyethylene. The project was created and calculated for the discount rate of the Central Bank of Ukraine no more than 14.5%. At the same time, the project's profitability index is 0. At this stage, the project is in the final stage of writing. This production is completely independent. The sale of secondary products contributes to additional investments and contacts. Subsequently, with the possibility of bio-gas production, and all waste that cannot be processed and recycled will be burned in filtration furnaces with energy generation, on cleared areas from garbage, it is possible to install solar panels.


Society - attraction to waste sorting. Buying plastic metals
Sales market - sales of plastic flakes
Production segment - wholesale supply of production with plastic to create the necessary components
Energy segment - installation of solar panels will help in the sale of unused electricity within the area of ​​influence of the enterprise
To date, the market has been formed and there is a stable demand for the products of enterprises involved in the processing of solid waste. Stable demand is formed due to:
Production and procurement enterprises of secondary resources
Industrial enterprises
In market conditions, the volume of sales of products is the main indicator of the plan for the production and sale of products and serves as the basis for its formation.
The source for planning the volume of sales are the results of marketing research. A comprehensive study of the market - its capacity and segments, the magnitude of existing demand and the rate of its growth or decline, the magnitude of offers, the level of market prices, the degree of risk, the impact of competition and other factors - allow you to determine which products of the enterprise, at what prices, in what quantity and in what terms will be in demand by buyers (consumers).

Проблема или Возможность

This is a cheap investment project. It is much cheaper than standard waste processing plants, while the constant presence of garbage always provides the plant with a free resource component. The benefit of this project is its uniqueness. Cheapness and speed of construction allow organizing a whole network of similar enterprises in all cities of Ukraine. Of course, this is a long-term project aimed at regulating the environmental component, as well as entering the secondary raw materials market.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

This workshop produces multi-colored plastic flakes for secondary raw materials. It also cleans plastics to create a clean product. Also, due to the presence of workers, it sorts by color, which makes it possible to sell colored plastic. It also forms a charge for standard combustion boilers. All organics are preserved. Garbage will be recovered with soft landfill shale gas mining
The created enterprise can be located in a small city. The building will have to stand opposite the landfill between the city and the village. A convenient asphalt road will pass to the building. The project meets all the requirements for the placement of equipment for the processing of PET containers, there is a site for the placement and storage of solid waste, a room for the storage of finished products. A convenient asphalt road has been laid to the building of the line for the processing of PET containers.
Technical characteristics of the enterprise:
1. Processing capacity - 10,000 tons per year (with one-shift operation) 2
2. Installed capacity of pantographs - 500 kW., the first stage - 50 kW.
3. Receiving and sorting department - 500 m2
4.Department of processing secondary resources - 1000 m2
5. Warehouse area (raw materials, finished products) (canopy) - 500 m2
6. Site for the processing of organic matter (concrete coating) - 10,000 m2
7. Administrative and amenity premises - 200 m2
8. Territory area - 1.5-2.0 ha
9. Heat consumption - up to 0.1 Gcal / h
10. Water consumption - up to 5 m3 / day
11. The number of employees - 40 people with a subsequent increase to 50-60.
Required geographical characteristics of the enterprise:
1) The nearest railway station is required.
2) the distance to the city center is at least 5 kilometers.
3) Desirable availability near the motorway
All expenses of the company are covered by its own income. The enterprise independently determines the strategic directions of its activities and development; organizes the collection and delivery of PET containers, their processing and sale; selects business partners at its own discretion. The company operates on the basis of self-sufficiency and self-financing.


Unfortunately, there is only talk about the centralized separate collection of municipal solid waste (MSW). And plans to create powerful sorting and waste processing plants are only on paper. The most banal reason is that the state has no money. The organization of a separate site for the processing of plastic waste requires ten times less costs. At this stage, there are no such productions in Ukraine.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

- minimal competition in the market
- interest and possibility of international cooperation;
- availability of developed standard design and estimate documentation;
- the interest of the vast majority of the population, local governments, executive authorities of the region in solving pollution problems;
- availability of a network of educational and public environmental organizations, including those working with children;
- carrying out by the executive authorities of the region and local governments of measures aimed at implementing a gradual transition to new forms of management that will ensure the sustainable functioning of the solid waste management system.


Proposed sources of project financing at the expense of borrowed funds in the amount of UAH 870 thousand. Repayment of borrowed funds within nine quarters. The calculation of working capital requirement is defined as the excess of current assets over current liabilities. The amount of cash is calculated in accordance with the established deadlines for making tax payments.
Payroll costs are taken into account on the condition that payments are made once a month. The need for financing the investment project is determined taking into account the cost of purchasing equipment, certification and the required amount of working capital.

The main indicators of the economic efficiency of the project.
Net cash flow: UAH 383.4 thousand
Net present value (NPV) for the project UAH 418.4 thousand.
Simple payback period: 27 months.
Discounted payback period: 29.4 months.
Project internal rate of return (IRR): 36.3%.
Yield Index (PI): 1.9
The project's internal rate of return (IRR) amounted to 36.3%, which is higher than the real comparison rate (9.2%) and indicates the economic efficiency of the project.
The nominal comparison rate is chosen as the average loan interest on attracted funds for this industry, taking into account possible risks and is 14%.
The estimated inflation rate is set at the level of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Ukraine and is 14%.


The necessary raw materials will be purchased, without bothering to sort through the garbage, at plastic waste collection points, which must be organized on the territory of each village council of the district, or at procurement offices, in which sorted waste (PET containers) will be purchased at the established minimum prices per 1 kg. However, as the processing plant grows, it can organize its own procurement points, and even sorting shops in landfills. Today, primary polyethylene is sold quite cheaply.
8. Plan of implementation work on the project.
The implemented technology makes it possible to ensure the return of valuable secondary resources, namely plastic, to the commodity circulation, to minimize the mileage of vehicles, to simplify the storage of garbage, and to reduce the number of landfills and landfills.
The project will make an important contribution to the economic and, most importantly, to the environmental improvement of the city and rural areas.
9. Capital costs.
So far, there is not a single universal plant for the processing of solid waste, since the organization of such an enterprise is very expensive. According to experts, more than $22 million should be invested in the construction of a complex for the processing of all types of solid household waste (rubber, plastic, wood, glass, paper, metal).
The amount of $ 10,885.33 is required to organize a workshop for the processing of PET containers.
According to the Law “On Ecological Expertise”, any entity (meaning an enterprise) engaged in the collection, disposal and processing of waste is required to undergo an environmental review and obtain an environmental opinion.The examination is carried out by the environmental service of the city or region. The conclusion is issued “for life”. The cost of the procedure, including the execution of the final document, is about $50-75.
In addition, the waste department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources issues a permit to the processing enterprise to generate waste and dispose of it on its territory. Such a permit is issued once a year, its cost is $20-30. It will take up to $2,500 to equip the production and storage facilities in accordance with sanitary and fire requirements and standards. Rent of premises and territory $2000-3000 per year.

Целевое назначение инвестиций

The purpose of the project is to organize production for the processing of household waste with the separation of valuable fractions suitable for recycling. Today, the competitive environment in the "garbage" business (recycling and sorting) is quite favorable for investment. There are few waste processing companies, there is a lot of garbage itself, and one can only dream of a centralized system for sorting and processing it. Local authorities still treat the "orderlies of the city" very favorably. But the funds invested in the first couple can be repaid fairly quickly. At the same time, the profitability of production is quite high. According to the operators of the processing market, the profitability of a novice waste processor can reach 20%, and eventually 50%.
In a provincial city with a population of 25135 people. an average of 7540.5 tons/year and 1185.6 tons/year of polymers are emitted by the rural population. The creation of a workshop for the processing of PET containers is the creation of new jobs, initially in the amount of 11, with a subsequent increase to 40 jobs. With the expansion of production, in the future, an increase in jobs up to 60-120. The transfer of production to a larger scale will lead in direct proportion to an increase in processing, hence an increase in income.
It is planned to create plastic waste collection points on the territory of the village councils of the district, which will be purchased by the enterprise at a price approved in the future.
In addition to the “clean” waste processing, the enterprise can subsequently master the production of products from recycled materials. It is the deep processing of waste that can be most profitable. The productivity of the complex created within the framework of the project is 10,000 tons per year, with the prospect of subsequent creation at the second stage - a network of processing complexes.

Предложение инвестору

The conversation with the investor, as well as his financial profits and expenses, will be discussed confidentially at the meeting

Команда или Руководство


- social (cultural);
- fluctuations in demand and price levels for secondary material resources;
- reduction of investment attractiveness of the sphere of MSW circulation;
- insufficiency and variability of legislation in the field of normative legal and methodological regulation in the field of solid waste management.
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