Kiev&Batumi Branded Night Club

Ukraine, Kyiv city
Market: Entertainment
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 30.05.2017
Min investment
$ 300.000
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$ 638.300
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You have an opportunity to buy out a share in TOP-10 Kiev night club or launch Branded night club/s in Kiev and/ or Batumi accompanied with promo Edition for Adults!
Ukraine is a great source of beautiful females. Any small local beauty contest is beyond expectations for anyone out of Ukraine. The opportunity to show-up under the world’s famous erotic brand name will attract best of the best, creating a flow for production of perfect erotic content for international sales.
Our partner has highly recognizable worldwide brand name. They have world famous edition localized in various countries and well-known branded clubs. In the fall of 2016 they launched local version of TV channel in Ukraine which means new opportunities for cross-promotion of the Club&Edition that we are planning to launch.

Current Status

We have established good-faith cooperation with the brand (NDA signed). We have a club where to start the project from. We have the team ready and willing to launch asap.


Our client is an adult person (mostly male, 25+, above-average income) who likes to relax in adult night club in luxury atmosphere of well-known brand.
The clients may be both locals and foreigners.
Promo edition will attract both club members for subscription (in the pessimistic scenario we expect up to 500 Members, up to 50 Elite Members and 5 Partners) and guests for the parties.  

Problem or Opportunity

We are searching for the investor to start the project.
Our team consists of:
-    Content Sales & acquisitions professional and former Discovery Representative in Ukraine (2006-2008),
-    Co-owner of TOP-10 Kiev night club “Sorry Babushka” and Head of Universal Music licensee (1999-2012),
-    Famous Ukrainian photographer and former Chief editor of Penthouse Ukraine (2005-2007),
-    Harvard educated  financial manager with over 20 years of  asset management, investment banking and pub-lic sector experience  both in the US and Eastern Europe.
So, we have enough experience to make the investment a profit!

Solution (product or service)

Main sources of income:
Online platform subscription.
Online advertisement.
Club parties.  
Private parties.
Content sales.


There are enough adult night clubs both in Kiev and Batumi.
We are going to show up among them with legal world-known brand name, cross promotion on different platforms and best client support.

Advantages or differentiators

- Highly recognizable worldwide brand name
- Clients Loyalty program
- Versatile income flows
- Experienced team


In the pessimistic scenario we expect up to 500 Members, up to 50 Elite Members and 5 Partners.  Total maximum in 12 months period of time is $6400 per month.

Online advertisement. Our goal is to get $500 advertisement sales on a first month after the lunch of the magazine and online platform and to increase it by $500 monthly.

Club parties. Pet of the Month club party entrance fee is $20 (we expect up to 100 guests, 50% is paid to the club owners). Our income constantly grows due to the growth of the entrance fee (up to $40) and the number of  guests (up to 400).

Sponsorship. We attract jewelry, sportcars, alcohol etc sponsors to every Pet of the Month and Pet of the Year par-ty.

Private parties. We provide Pets for the private parties with minimal income of $1000 per party.

Content sales. We create online and TV product for sales.

Money will be spent on

Corporate registration and setup
License fee for Edition
Creation of the online platform for Edition f
Promotion of the platform in Ukraine and Georgia (including launch  of PR campaign)
Technical support for the platform
Edition of Ukraine and Georgia printed magazine
Content production
License fee for Club  
Buy-off  the share in the night club in Kyiv

Offer for investor

The investor receives 40% in the company and 25% of existing Kiev club. The investor quarterly receives income in accordance with the share in the company (40%). The investment is made in accordance with the schedule of invest-ments.  

The investor may also invest in the launch of new night club in Kiev and/ or Batumi. The investment is $1000 000 per 1 location. The investor receives 80% of the club operated and administrated by our team to receive the best pos-sible income.


Force-Major in the country.
Legal ban of adult entertainment.


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