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Know-how for the production of ecological coal-water fuel

Ukraine, Kiev region
Market: Mechanical engineering, Production, Power Engineering
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 30.06.2022
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Production of environmentally friendly liquid fuel from coal (CWF) on the basis of a sea container, for thermal power plants, housing and communal services, coastal boiler houses. Coal-water slurry fuel (CWF) is a finely dispersed mixture (suspension) of crushed coal, water and a stabilizing additive.

CWF = Coal (58%...70%) + Water emulsion (30%...42%)

CWF technology helps fuel treatment efficiency of at least 98%. The cost price of 1 Gcal of heat obtained in the calculation of CWF is 20-50% lower than the cost of 1 Gcal obtained in the calculation of the initial coal.

Current Status

To date, a hybrid cavitation sample of the installation has been developed, with a capacity of 2 t / h for incoming raw materials. Which allows the production of water-coal fuel for thermal power plants operating on oil-gas boilers.


Main consumers:
- CHP of Ukraine and Eastern Europe
- Oil-fired boilers
- Gas boiler houses for housing and communal services (more than 3000 in Ukraine)
- Coal boilers
- Coal-concentrating enterprises (at mines, enrichment plants, etc.)
- Construction of roads (in heating asphalt kilns)
- Refinery (petroleum coke - raw material for CWF)

All energy-intensive enterprises:
- metallurgical production;
- sugar, canning factories;
- elevators.

At the moment, communication has been established with several thermal power plants in Ukraine.

Problem or Opportunity

The main consumer is combined heat and power plants (CHP) operating on coal and gas-oil boilers.

To date, the level of waste emissions from thermal power plants is critically high. The cost of electricity and heat production is constantly growing. For the disposal of CHP waste - the manufacturer pays an environmental fee.

It is economically profitable to replace fuel oil and gas with CWF, since the cost of 1 Gcal of heat generated on gas or fuel oil, compared to CWF, is reduced by 20-50%.

When introducing CWF know-how, the manufacturer does not pay an environmental fee, emissions of nitrogen oxides are reduced compared to pulverized coal combustion by 30-50%. (which reduces the social and environmental burden on the nearest regions of the CHPP).

The technology significantly reduces fuel costs due to the high cost of fuel oil and gas compared to CWF.

The wear resistance of boilers increases with the introduction of CWF at CHPPs.

The underburning of carbon in the CWF composition is no more than 1%, which excludes slag emissions into the atmosphere.

Solution (product or service)

Mobile modular complex for the production of water-coal fuel, which is a fine mixture (suppension) of crushed coal, water and a stabilizing additive.

The raw materials for the production of CWF are hard coal (G, D, DG, etc.), brown coal, coal screenings and slag.

Our ecological know-how allows us to reduce the cost of each replaced ton of fuel oil by at least 40%.

As a result, it becomes possible to use environmentally friendly fuel, economically profitable, not inferior in quality to the current CHPP feedstock.


There are no direct competitors in the technology and equipment market.

The substitutes used by our customers are a domestic solution: combustion of carbon, fuel oil, gas at thermal power plants under the conditions of the domestic market model.

Advantages or differentiators

There is no practical production and use of CWF at CHPPs in Ukraine. There is also no production of CWF and its analogues.

The indisputable advantage of know-how technology, equipment, CWF in the energy market is obvious and protected by law by intellectual property rights.


Sources of income from project work:
- payment for services, CWF directly to the CHPP, with an estimated cost of 3 USD with VAT / 1 Gcal.

Cost structure:
- rent offices, prom. base
- payroll fund (PHOT)
- equipment depreciation
- the cost of raw materials
- transport, logistics
- taxes

The amount of total expenses per month is approximately 74 000 USD.

Business model

A private company, using a modular complex for the production of CWF, carries out the preparation, production and supply of CWF based on the available carbon fr om the CHP (supply of its own carbon, CWF for the CHP). The result is a 40% reduction in the environmental load and the cost of 1 Gcal, wh ere the CHPP pays a private company 10% of the reduced cost of 1 Gcal.

With the productivity of Darnitskaya CHPP (Ukraine, Kyiv) - 3.7 million Gcal / year, with an average cost of 50 USD with VAT / 1 Gcal when using know-how and CWT, it is possible to reduce the cost of 1 Gcal by 40%, which will amount to 50 USD with VAT / 1 Gcal + 3 USD with VAT / 1 Gcal (cost of services, CWF), with a total cost of 33 USD with VAT / 1 Gcal + reduction of the environmental fee by 40%.

Approximately this will bring 11,2 million USD of average annual income for a private company. + CHP funds saved from reduced environmental fees.

Money will be spent on

- Creation of one or several complexes for the production of CWF;
- Manufacturing of equipment;
- Industrial base;
- Licenses, documentation.

Offer for investor

51% to the investor until the full return on investment.

30% to the investor after a full return on investment for 2 years of subsequent work.


- Raiding;
- Termination of investments in the process of project implementation for reasons beyond the Contractor's control;
- Changes in the market conditions for energy and ecology;
- Force majeure circumstances (war, embargo, earthquake).
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