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Artificial lawyer helping relocate to another country

Ukraine, Kyiv city
Market: Consulting, Tourism, sport, Services
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Date of last change: 30.09.2020
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Everyone traveling abroad is subject to local laws. Especially during the COVID-19 time when rules change weekly.
You have only 2 options: either hire an expensive immigration lawyer or get free but misleading advice from the Internet.
With iVan you don't need to look for a website or app, it is already in your phone. Just open a favorite messenger and ask a question to get an instant result.
Legal advice, insurance, air tickets, rents, translation and more needed for your safe and comfortable foreign travel - iVan provides all of that free of charge.

Current Status

We have a bot that provide full legal advice re visa and other immigration matters regarding Ukraine.
The bot has been used already by some 500 users.
Now we are working on adding tools to start charging money from our clients that sell products and services to foreigners (e.g. insurance companies).

Problem or Opportunity

There are 272 mln immigrants in the world now and the number constantly growths.
Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Germany have in total over 30 mln immigrants.
Ukraine has 6 mln immigrants and 300 000 immigration violations last year.
5% of all Ukrainian visa applications of Indian citizens are rejected.
USD 50 mln was earned by Ukrainian immigration lawyers last year.
We target at USD 15 mln revenue per year only in Ukraine.

Solution (product or service)

We are building an artificial immigration lawyer that can substitute a human one. With iVan you do not need to hire a lawyer anymore because iVan will do everything for you free of charge.
At the same time relocating to another country is not only about legal advice. You need to start with air tickets, renting a place to live, find a school for your kids, etc. iVan helps you with all these preparation and household matters as well by connecting a foreigner with the best seller.
And it is always with you 24/7. No need to install or find something. Just pick up your phone and get all you need in a messenger you like.


- Immigration bot of the State Immigration Service of Ukraine.
- An online service helping to apply for a visa in Germany.
- An online marketplace helping to find an immigration lawyer in the US only for a marriage green card or US citizenship.
- An online marketplace of immigration lawyers in Canada.

Advantages or differentiators

Competitive advantages:
- not a website or app. No need to look for something and download it into a phone. iVan is specifically designed to be a messenger bot allowing users to use it anytime on any mobile device.
- narrow and deep expertise. iVan can really be of help only if it really solves a problem increasing a user's chance to receive a visa or to decreasing his expenses on relocation. This may be achieved only when you have a very deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our team consists of very experienced immigration lawyers from different countries.
- iVan is always free for a user. All competitors sell their services while iVan always provides its advice and support free of charge.
- iVan is scalable to other jurisdictions.


We never add our commission to a product or service we sell. E.g. you can buy insurance from iVan or directly from an insurance company but the insurance price will be the same. Our commission included in the cost of products and services we sell.
We negotiate the price of product/service we sell and our commission separately with every vendor because our commission depends on the product/service price, the number of sales we generate, etc.
Our costs so far are only product development.

Business model

We don't charge users but companies that sell products and services to foreigners. E.g. we charge an insurance company 20% for every insurance we sell.
Channels: partnership (e.g. with universities having foreign students); cooperation (e.g. with insurance companies); ads.
We have not started selling yet so do not have metrics to show so far.

Money will be spent on

Scaling up to other countries and further development of the product.


Our only one threat is epidemics like COVID-19 when all travels are banned. However, now when travels are allowed but under some restrictions, the value of iVan has increased as immigration rules change monthly and even weekly.

Competitors can't be a threat because we are an international service thus even if one company can monopolize the market of some country we still can operate in all other countries.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Graduated from YEP!Starter incubation program.

In the process of:
- Tech2Impact mentorship program
- YC Startup School
- Hiil Innovation Justice bootcamp

Won the competition and other awards

Winner of:
- Access 2 Justice hackaton
- YEP Demo Day
- Hiil Innovation Justice Challenge


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