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Ukraine, Kiev region
Market: Internet and IT, Tourism, sport, Services, Crypto currency
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 24.06.2022
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Service for booking accommodation.
1. It is cheaper for a hotel to find a client through our service. This will save up to 20% of the booking price.
2. Hoteliers see users looking for reservations near them. They can make a discount or offer a price based on the availability of free options.
We do not take% of hoteliers' sales.
Hotels receive money from the sale immediately and the entire amount.
Buyers pay directly to hotels.
The option to pay with Bitcoin, Ether is included.
We earn on the annual hotel subscription fee for listing.

Current Status

We are testing the platform.
1. Conducted primary market research.
2. We collected reviews of hoteliers: Bulgaria (120 hotels were polled, all - FOR), Turkey (15 hotels were polled, all for), Greece, Czech Republic, Germany (selectively up to 10 hotels in the country, unanimously FOR), Ukraine (15 polled) - everyone liked it.
3. In Bulgaria, we gathered a round table and there were about 70 hoteliers, they dedicated them to our idea - everyone is waiting and ready to register on our platform.
4. Raised the first part of the beta version.


Our market is now a little over a million objects that are leased through more expensiveompetitors' sites.
They pay reseller sites billions of dollars in commission per year.
We are cheaper than competitors and will not cover the whole world at once. But I estimate the market of Ukraine alone at $ 3 million. This is our potential profit figure for a 100% market share.

Problem or Opportunity

The pain of the market:
unreasonably high commissions of websites of intermediaries such as booking. These sites delay the money paid by the guest for up to a month, and only after that they transfer it to the hotelier;

every hotelier, having worked for the first couple of years, knows in what month and by what percentage his hotel is full. And even which days of the week are more in demand. Do you agree? Hoteliers organize discounts on a quiet basis, and sell vouchers for accommodation at low prices during these unoccupied periods. But the problem remains. This part of the room stock, which, according to statistics, is always empty, we called the Sleeping resource.

What do we offer:
For hotelier
1. The ability to sell with a commission of 2.5%, instead of 18% - 20%.

2. Your Price Booking will sell the booking to your available rooms.

3. The hotelier will have the opportunity to make a discount to a specific potential buyer, confidentially, depending on the availability of rooms.

For the user
1. Exclusive offers from hoteliers for specific dates you need in your location.

Solution (product or service)

A site for a hotelier to connect with a customer.
We're like Uber in a taxi.
1. On the Your Price Booking platform, the user specifies the required booking dates and location.
ypbooking gives the recommended price range to the user, according to his request.
2. Hoteliers in a given location receive his application and, based on the availability of free rooms, offer him a room within the framework of his price requirement. Now hoteliers will understand me. When you have 50% of empty rooms, then 80% of the discount can be done, just to be quiet and no one knows)).
3. The user will pay for the accommodation directly to the hotelier. We have worked it out technically.


And other same booking systems.

Advantages or differentiators

STRATEGY FOR SEED round (first 9 - 12 months)

Adding 80 languages ​​to the site, working on SEO.
We register objects all over the world, but the emphasis in promotion is on one or two countries.
The task is to make a profit in the first year.

Business tactics and income scheme
1. The user writes about the need for housing. For example: Kiev from 12 to 18 March, one bedroom with a double bed. The budget is $ 40.

2. And he immediately receives offers from hoteliers for this amount.

3. Also Hoteliers in Kiev see the request and its booking history and the availability of rooms and can make an offer only to him in which there will be an exclusive price and possibly more apartments than even requested by a potential buyer.

4. Buyers and hoteliers pay directly, which further reduces the cost of the process.

5. We have an escrow service, we also record the deal and keep the hotelier and user ratings. We show reviews.

6. We do not take commissions because we do not have any costs for connecting the buyer of services and the hotelier, this is all done using the program.

7. But we verify the hotelier and charge the annual listing fee on our platform.

8. One room - 35 dollars a year, 1 bed in a hostel 15 dollars a year. You can sell one hotel room and add a second, or in general the whole year with only one room. But having sold a room for dates, for the same dates, the hotelier will not be able to sell the same room, user applications will simply not be received by him.

9. The hotelier can set an answering machine - the price for each room in a certain period and change it as he wants and when he wants. He can even sell this number himself and indicate that he is busy for these dates.


Our gross profit:
consists of a commission of 2.5% for each booking.

Our costs after the launch of the platform
1. Each object undergoes verification one-time with us - our costs are about $ 1 for verification.
2. We spend about $ 0.01 on each hotel - maintaining servers and maintaining the system.
3. The rest is advertising, promotion, SEO.

Business model

1. Customer on web site will notice for example: Kiev from March 12 to March 18, one bedroom with a double bed. The budget is $ 40.

2. Hoteliers who have such type accommodation and conditions send to this user available rooms and price.

3. All Hoteliers in Kiev also can see in system that potential client already have 10 different suggestions, so some of them can provide to customers better conditions and price and win deal.

4. Customers and hoteliers conduct financial transactions directly. This condition reduces the cost of the process.

5. We have an escrow service, we also fix the transaction and maintain ratings of the hotelier and user. On web site can see reviews hoteliers and customers too.

6. System not charge commissions from Hoteliers and customers.

7. Only 1 $ for verifying of hotelier each year.

8. We will charge Hoteliers only 35 dollars per room once in year and 1 bed in a hostel 15 dollars aper year. Hoteliers can sell one room and add a second one. But Hoteliers can not sale same room , same period.

9. The hotelier can set answering machine in system. The price for each room in a certain period will be automatically shown. Hoteliers also can make stop sales.

Money will be spent on

Promotion, SEO platform Your Price Booking. Increase in the number of users and hoteliers.

Offer for investor

Opening the seed round

We register our history in Estonia.
We give 20% of the company to the investor (investors) for $ 50,000 invested in the project.
The investment can be divided into parts.
The investor has the right to refuse to continue investing and exit with any share in the proportion of 20% for $ 50,000.

Now we are signing an option for a share in a future startup.
Recommendations are welcome, but the investor does not make any decisions on the development of the project during the seed round.

We'll talk about the next rounds later ...




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