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Ukraine, Kiev region
Market: Internet and IT, Tourism, sport, Services, Crypto currency
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 18.03.2020
Min investment
$  120.000
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$ 120.000
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We create our Service for reservation of accommodation all over the world with discount. There are no any commission!
Because of Highly automated booking system the costs of hotels are very low, what
is very attractive for potential customers.
Main idea its that Hotels receive income from the sales at once and all amount.
Buyers can pay directly to hotels.
Also there is a guarantee service.
Our Service will provide hotel reviews and booking history all users.
Payment system include payments by Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Our income will be base on the annual monthly hotel fee for listing.

Current Status

1. Was done primary marketing researches and got all positive results:
Bulgaria -120 hotels
Turkey -15 hotels
Greece, Czech Republic, Germany - each 10 hotels
Ukraine - 15 hotels
All hotels liked to cooperate and sign contracts.
3. Was finilized technical task for programmers to create web platform and online system of booking.
4. A team of programmers has been assembled and work has begun, which is ongoing now while you
read this message).
5. In Bulgaria, we organised meeting with representatives of 70 hotels. We made presentation about
our project and noticed about our advantages. All hoteliers liked this idea and ready to register on the
6. We have a qualified director, who can organise and handle work with Turkey, the Czech Republic,
Bulgaria, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Africa, Russia, Georgia market.

Also, we have small team of sales in Kiev whom will work with representatives: Spain, Italy, and other
European hotels. All of them is ready to start negotiations with hotels and create base of hotels on our
We have qualified Hr manager .

P.S. Before rebranding, we used TravelVee platform.


With our modest calculations potential of Our market now is $ 200,000,000 per year.
Our counting base on datas of hotels of platforms and
In accordance our research: platform use 1 800 000 hoteliers and other types of property owners. platform use 1,200,000 hoteliers and other types of properties owners.
Calculations of income: one hotel will pay for using our platform as minimum- $ 100 per year*3, 000, 000 hotels =121,800,000$
But we plan to set fees for using our platform per one room or per bed. So in accordance with contact one room will be charged $ 35 per year, and one bed in a hostel $ 15 per year. So income with such conditions will be much higher.

Problem or Opportunity

Each hoteliers knows which month or day in week will be sold or will be vacant. So they can make discount and provide voucher for customers. By our opinion all vacant rooms and beds can call sleeping resources.

What is happening now:
AIRBNB and services created an online booking market. They had set millions of people to book rooms and beds online. And of course, they set all hotels to sell their facilities through booking sites.
Problems of working market through booking services:
1. Pay huge commissions 15% -20%.per room
2. Waiting for income from booking survises from a few days up to one month.
3. Forced to pay advances before starting work on the platform.
1. Customer get higher price for booking hotel rooms and beds in hostels

Our platform provide better conditions:
For a hoteliers:
1. Our online platform ypbooking provide for hotelier potential customers because lower price for accommodation.
2. The hotelier will have the opportunity to make a discount to a specific potential customers, confidentially, depending on the availability of rooms.
3. Theare no commission for using platform and flexible price for customers.
For customers:
1. Getting exclusive offers and discounts from hoteliers for the specific dates and location.

Solution (product or service)

1. Customers need indicate on the ypbooking platform reservation dates and location. And very important necessarily indicates how much money customer can to spent for this booking.
2. Hoteliers in a chosen location receive customer booking and in accordance with the availability of rooms in system and indicated budget of customer provide for him available accommodation.
Very important idea it's that hoteleier can make any discount for customers confidentially and personally. No one will know amount of discount for each booking.

3. Another important moment, its that customers will pay for hotel accommodation directly to owners. In system will be fixed that customer will be able pay for booking directly to hotelier.


And other same booking systems.

Advantages or differentiators

There are No any commissions for hoteliers and users.

The hotelier can make any discount for customers and its will be confidential information.

Only on our platform customer can ask discount from hotelier

Only we can provide the most exclusive offers for booking accommodation.

Only at our platform customers can bargain directly with hoteliers.

Only our platform will back payments to hoteleiers without delay and does not charge commissions.

With us, each customer can book a room with a discount anytime during year, no need increase pre-booked time.

Such a cheap cost caused by a lot of automation of system.

Hotelier will be able to monitor market and control price of accommodation.

Each hotelier will be able also create booking history of customers, and notice behaviour of users.
Each customer can write reviews and remarks about accommodation, facilities and services.


Our gross margin:
1. Listing one issue brings us $ 35 gross profit per year.
2. Listing one bed in a hostel brings us $ 15 gross margin per year.

Our costs after launching of the platform
Verification in system - 1 $. Each hotelier will pass verification once in system.
2. Pay 10$ per room to agent, who sign contract with hotelier.
3. Pay 0.01 dollars to programmer for supporting maintaining servers and system for each hotel.
4. The rest expense will include advertising, promotion.

Business model

1. Customer on web site will notice for example: Kiev from March 12 to March 18, one bedroom with a double bed. The budget is $ 40.

2. Hoteliers who have such type accommodation and conditions send to this user available rooms and price.

3. All Hoteliers in Kiev also can see in system that potential client already have 10 different suggestions, so some of them can provide to customers better conditions and price and win deal.

4. Customers and hoteliers conduct financial transactions directly. This condition reduces the cost of the process.

5. We have an escrow service, we also fix the transaction and maintain ratings of the hotelier and user. On web site can see reviews hoteliers and customers too.

6. System not charge commissions from Hoteliers and customers.

7. Only 1 $ for verifying of hotelier each year.

8. We will charge Hoteliers only 35 dollars per room once in year and 1 bed in a hostel 15 dollars aper year. Hoteliers can sell one room and add a second one. But Hoteliers can not sale same room , same period.

9. The hotelier can set answering machine in system. The price for each room in a certain period will be automatically shown. Hoteliers also can make stop sales.

Money will be spent on

The received Investments will be useding following way:
$ 50,000 - website development
70 000 $ - website promotion

Offer for investor

Platform development and its promotion.

Offer to investor

Register a company as a legal entity with development of the site, domains.
The investor will receives 40% - 49% of the share of legal entities.
The investor necessary to invest in the project the following amounts:
In first 3 months $ 6000 per month;
In the 4th to the 12th month $ 10,000 per month;
In 13th month - $ 12,000 per month;

During this period, a platform will be created, tested, launched, carried out initial work on promotion, organised team of agents (sellers) and the project will be brought to monthly profit.

Based on the results of the first year, we will analyze and choose a future development strategy.

The organiser have right to repurchase the investor's share during three years for 300,000 US dollars.

Priority will be given to Ukrainian entrepreneurs or businessmen from Europe.




Our technology communication and booking

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