Startup battle

Pitch at the Battle and get investments!

Startup battle

Startup Battle is a open offline and online event for players on the venture investment market, organized by the professional network Startup.Network and Crowd.INC.

Entrepreneurs, who attend will receive experience in Pitch-Deck, valuable advice and expert recommendations, gifts from partners of this event, and coverage in the investment community. The luckiest entrepreneurs will be able to raise money from investors.

Investors will have the unique opportunity to find promising teams for profitable investments. Plus, they will be able to hear expert opinions on the startups of interest and be able to get useful network connections.

This event consists of two parts:

  • The first part is dedicated to a panel discussion with experts of the venture market, who share their own experiences, talk about the trends of the world of investment, give valuable advice and answer questions.

  • The second part entails the presentations of startups to investors, representatives of venture and seed-funds, heads of incubation and accelerating programs, as well as to the owners and top managers of leading companies.

The winner of the Startup Battle will be determined according to the online judges voting results.  

To attend please chose the Battle from the list.

To find out more about past events go to this link.

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